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Employees Retirement System
This board oversees the general administration and management of the Employees Retirement System and holds responsibility for its proper operation, pursuant to Norfolk City Code Section 37-1.

Membership Composition:

10 trustees

Of the eight (8) trustees who are appointed by City Council and are required to take an oath: one is an employee in the Police Department or Fire Department; one an employee of some department of the city other than police or fire; four are citizens of the city, none of whom are members of the system; two are citizens of the city, each of whom shall be a responsible officer of a bank authorized to do business within the Commonwealth, or who is experienced in the investment of funds, and neither of whom may be a member of the system. The city manager and the director of finance are ex-officio members

Trustees deliver an annual report to City Council showing the fiscal transactions of the system for the preceding year, the amount of the accumulated cash and securities of the system and the last balance sheet indicating the financial condition of the system.

City Staff Contact:
Penny DeLosh
Executive Director - NERS