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Customer Service
The city's Division of Waste Management provides once weekly curbside collection. If there is any confusion about which day is your collection day, please call us immediately at 757-664-6510.

Service Delays
Norfolk's refuse collection is rarely delayed by adverse weather conditions. However, we may have to delay or suspend collection in the event of dangerous road conditions or adverse weather. In cases like these, it is not necessary for you to call us.

Refuse collectors will be on the job as soon as possible and we will catch up on our schedule as quickly as we can. A revised collection schedule will be announced when calling 757-664-6510.

Garbage Containers
All garbage and trash must be placed inside the container in such a manner that the lid will close completely. Should you regularly generate more refuse than a single 90-gallon container will hold, the city will provide an additional container for an additional fee. Request an additional container.

Container Assistance
If you are unable to handle a 90-gallon container due to age or physical limitations, please call us at 757-664-6510 and we will schedule a visit by one of our inspectors. In these cases, we will either provide a smaller container or place you on our exempt list.

Bulk Waste Pickups
All large items such as appliances, mattresses, furniture, and other items that will not fit in your 90-gallon container must be scheduled for pick up. Bulk waste is collected on your regular collection day.  Requests for bulk pickup must be made by 3PM the day prior to the pickup.  Pickups can be scheduled by calling Customer Service at 757-664-6510, or online by filling out a Bulk Waste Collection here.

The daily rate for disposal is $.921 per container for residential service. This rate is applied throughout the City of Norfolk, with the exception of the Central Business District (CBD). The daily rate for disposal in the Central Business District (CBD) is $4.98 per container.

Your refuse disposal fee is included in your monthly public service bill. For information or questions regarding the refuse disposal part of your bill, please call us at 757-664-6510.

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Customer Service

Ph: 757-664-6510

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.