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Elizabeth River with a Tugboat, Sailboat and the USS Wisconsin

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2018-2019 In School Field Trips
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

(Pre-k - Kindergarten)
During this program students will be introduced to the concept of the 3R's through a story demonstrating the positive effects of waste reduction. Along with a Henry the Heron activity, there will be engaging questions and activities to help students identify common household items that can be reused. 

Henry the Heron (Kindergarten - Grade 2)Heron in Water

Students will learn about the physical harm that litter has on animals. This program includes a short story and an activity that engages the students understanding of how plastic rings are difficult for animals to remove.

Preventable Journey
(Grades 3-4)
During this activity students will trace the potentials paths of a plastic bag. Through this engaging detective activity, students will gain a better understanding of the consequences of improper disposal of litter. The preventable Journey activity is a hands on demonstration that highlights the probability that a plastic bag will end up in various land and aquatic environments. 
Plastic Bag floating in sky

Request an In-School Field Trip for your classroom here!