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Reservoir Elevations
Reservoir Elevation Data

The following are the reservoir elevations for 01/28/2019

Pumpage information provided is an average value based on the preceding week


Feet From

Avg. Pumpage
Status Total Storage (MG)
Western Branch 0.3   Active 6,577
Lake Prince 0.3   Active 3,699
Lake Prince Transfer to Western Branch     1- Closed(04/07/16)
2- Closed(9/17/18)
Burnt Mills 0.4   Active 3,256
Burnt Mills Transfer to Western Branch     Closed(9/17/18)  
Lake Wright/Lake Whitehurst 0.1   Active 1,563
Lake Smith -0.2   Active 416
Lake Gaston
8.4 On  
Total Storage (MG)       15,511
Total Storage (%)       102.0%
Historical Avg.(%)       91.7%
*Records are preliminary and subject to review