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Reservoir Elevations
Reservoir Elevation Data

The following are the reservoir elevations for 05/20/2019

Pumpage information provided is an average value based on the preceding week


Feet From

Avg. Pumpage
Status Total Storage (MG)
Western Branch -0.5   Active 6,244
Lake Prince 0.1   Active 3,642
Lake Prince Transfer to Western Branch     1- Closed(04/07/16)
2- Closed(9/17/18)
Burnt Mills 0.2   Active 3,216
Burnt Mills Transfer to Western Branch     Closed(9/17/18)  
Lake Wright/Lake Whitehurst 0.1   Active 1,563
Lake Smith -0.1   Active 425
Lake Gaston
7.63 On  
Total Storage (MG)       15,090
Total Storage (%)       99.2%
Historical Avg.(%)       94.1%
*Records are preliminary and subject to review