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Norfolk Tap water

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Norfolk Pure
Norfolk Pure is your municipal drinking water. Whether you prefer it from the tap or in a sports bottle, you are drinking top quality water.

Each year, the Department of Utilities distributes the Water Quality Report (also referred to as the Consumer Confidence Report). This report contains information on the department's compliance with EPA regulations for water quality, as well as the city's water sources (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.). The information in the report is compiled from water quality tests performed by the Department throughout the year. These reports are distributed in May each year. View this year's report.  

Tap Vs. Bottled
The debate is ongoing on which is better, tap water or bottled water. The City of Norfolk's Norfolk Pure tap water consistently meets all EPA regulations for safe drinking water and it tastes great too! If you're a bottled water lover that still needs convincing to make the switch to tap, get the facts on bottled vs. tap by visiting the Drink Tap website.

Did You Know?
For $1.00 you can fill up a 20 ounce sports bottle with Norfolk Pure tap water more than 1,300 times. That's filling up three times a day, every day for a year! So, tap into quality and fill up with Norfolk Pure! Learn more about the value of tap water.