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Shelter Information
Find Out When and Which Shelters are Open
Announcements will be made when emergency shelters are opened. You can find out about specific shelter openings, availability, and hours of operations by monitoring: Please note that not all shelters may be open during an event or state of emergency.

Residents or business owners located in low lying areas or beside tidal bodies of water should seek shelter elsewhere if conditions warrant.

Norfolk Shelter Locations
Shelters are located at select schools and community centers throughout the city and are only opened as needed. Residents should check local / social media to locate the closest shelter relative to their location that is open. View a map of the shelter locations within the limits of the City of Norfolk. The map does not indicate the status of a shelter

Shelter Permitted Provisions
When you go to a shelter, be prepared to bring shelter permitted provisions only. There are shelter permitted provisions for pets also.

Families or Persons with Disabilities, Access, or Functional Needs
To better help us help you when it comes time to go to a shelter, be sure to have registered with the Norfolk Medical Needs RegistryCaretakers are strongly encouraged to pre-plan for their patients/family members and accompany them if they should need to evacuate to a shelter or other location.

Inclusive Shelters 
All Norfolk Shelters are inclusive, but some locations will be able to provide medical monitoring. Shelters with this service will be announced as they are opened; please check local / social media for this information. 

Pet Friendly Shelters

Norfolk's pet friendly shelters are located at Bayview Recreation Center and Berkley Community Center.  Like the other shelters, it will be announced when the shelter is available and accepting pets.  Be sure to bring your pet's shelter permitted provisions.