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Yard & Garage Sales
Sales & Permit Information

In the City of Norfolk, you are required to get a permit to have a yard sale, also known as a garage sale. No more than two people who live at different addresses are allowed to have a yard sale at the same location and proper identification must be presented at the time of purchase. You may not have more than two yards sales at the same location in any calendar year.

Periodic yard or garage sales held exclusively on church or synagogue property are exempt from obtaining a yard sale permit. It shall be unlawful for any fraternal or civic organization to conduct a yard or garage sale in any residential zones. (Norfolk City Code, § 38-106 & 109)

A yard sale can be held for up to three consecutive days and may not be held before noon on Sundays.

No advertising of your yard sale are permitted on any street, sidewalk, or any other public right of way in the city, however, one sign less than 12 square feet may be displayed at the site where the yard sale is being held.

If inclement weather rains out your yard sale, call the Commissioner of the Revenue on the very next business day to setup new dates. Note that in order to get new dates, rain must occurred on all days that are listed on your original yard sale permit.

We apologize for any inconvenience but we are unable to accept credit card payments for these transactions when applying in person.

What You Need

We are proud to offer the capability for you to apply for, and receive a yard sale permit through the mail. To do so, you must follow these guidelines:
  • You will need some form of Identification to apply in person. The address on the application must match the address on the ID
  • Your application must be postmarked four business days before the date which your yard sale is to take place
  • Mail your application to the following address:
    Personal Property Team
    c/o Yard Sale Administrator
    P.O. Box 2260
    Norfolk, VA. 23501-2260
  • To purchase a yard sale permit in person you may visit our office at:
    Commissioner of the Revenue's Office
    810 Union St,
    Norfolk, VA. 23510
  • To purchase a yard sale permit online please visit
  • The $5 yard sale permit fee must be included with your application in the form of a check or money order. Please make check payable to the Norfolk City Treasurer
  • The restriction of two yard sales per calendar year will still apply
  • The name of the applicant must match the name of the resident at the proposed location. If the name does not match, the application will not be approved
  • You must have the permit in your possession in order to conduct the sale

Associated Fees

There is a $5 fee associated with the application for a yard or garage sale. Make checks payable to the Norfolk City Treasurer.


Still not sure what to do? Not a problem, give our office a call at 757-664-7884.