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Norfolk has a new General Plan, plaNorfolk2030, adopted by Norfolk City Council on March 26, 2013.   plaNorfolk2030 is used to guide decision making about physical development and public infrastructure.  It is intended to be sufficiently flexible to respond to changes in development patterns and contains the broad outlines neighborhoods will use to guide and plot their path to the future.  

In addition to the adopted plan, we have provided links to biennial status and metrics reports.

Adopted Plan                                                                                          GP_title_thumb.jpg

plaNorfolk2030 (entire plan)

Plan by Chapter

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Vision and Introduction
Chapter 2: Identifying Land Use Strategies
Chapter 3: Creating and Maintaining Healthy and Vibrant Neighborhoods
Chapter 4: Providing Transportation Options
Chapter 5: Enhancing Economic Vitality
Chapter 6: Promoting Environmental Sustainability
Chapter 7: Ensuring Housing Choices for All
Chapter 8: Supporting Lifelong Learning
Chapter 9: Delivering Quality Community Services

Chapter 10: Enjoying Daily Life
Chapter 11: Preserving Our Heritage
Chapter 12: Fostering Responsible Regional Cooperation
Chapter 13: Implementing plaNorfolk2030

Appendix B

A Pattern Book for Norfolk Neighborhoods
City of Norfolk Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Program Supplement
City of Norfolk Bicycle and Pedestrian Strategic Plan
Coastal Character District Pattern Book Complete Streets Policy
Narrow Lot House Plan Catalog

Ocean View Design Standards and Preferred Architectural Patterns
Sand Management Plan
Traditional Neighborhood Plan Book
Green Infrastructure Plan

Appendix C

A Plan for Downtown Norfolk 2020
A Strategic Plan for Southside
Broad Creek Revitalization and Implementation Plan Book
Central Hampton Boulevard Area Plan
Comprehensive Plan for the Military Highway Corridor
Fairmount Park Neighborhood Revitalization Implementation Plan
Greater Wards Corner Comprehensive Plan
Military Circle/Military Highway Urban Development Area: A Vision for the Future

Future Land Use Map

Character Districts Map

Implementation Status and Metrics Reports

Status Evaluation April 2017
Implementation Report April 2017
Metrics Report April 2017

Status Evaluation March 2015
Implementation Report March 2015
Metrics Report March 2015

For more information, contact the Department of City Planning at 757-664-4752 or Email.