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Permit Applications / Forms
Now available:  Online permitting and payment. Click here to register, apply, pay for, and print permits at PermitCity. Online permits are issued around the clock to better serve you.

Permits Available Online 24/7 (around the clockfrom PermitCity
Note: A convenience fee of 3.25 % is charged for online permit payments by Official Payments in exchange for offering this feature in online permitting.  The City of Norfolk does not receive any portion of the convenience fee.

Permits are also available in the Development Services Center located on the 1st floor of City Hall at 810 Union Street. 

Bond Information

  • Oversize 
  • Over Weight 
  • Over Height 
Requires (see application for full requirements):

ROW Excavation/Installation Permit Application
  • cutting into the right-of-way
  • street and major utility construction
  • installing item/object in right-of-way (water, sewer, storm, power, gas, conduit, fiber, etc.)
  • paving
  • test holes 
  • test pits
  • dirt cuts 
  • Plumber's cuts
  • construction fence
Requires (see application for full requirements): 

Closure Permit Application
  • temporary street / Lane / Sidewalk Closure 
  • impeding normal flow of traffic or pedestrians in right-of-way
  • scaffolding/sidewalk protection
Requires (see application for full requirements): 

Driveway Entrance Permit Application
  • Residential apron (up to 20 feet)
  • Note:  Residents wishing to extend the length of their existing driveways need approval from Planning, Zoning first.
  • Note: Residents wishing to expand or add an additional driveway need to submit a survey with a request to Planning, Zoning first.
  • Commercial (up to 30 feet or as approved on site plan)
  • Construction Entrance
Requires (see application for full requirements):

General Use Permit Application:
  • Temporary Parking (reserve spaces)
  • Temporary Dumpster in the right of way
  • Portable Storage Unit in the right of way
  • Lift (temporary parking)
  • Survey of Property or a Drawing
  • Pre and Post Inspection 
  • A permit fee 
  • Application for a "GENERAL" permit
  • Note:  Cranes must be set up in the Downtown area M-F (6:30 p.m - 5:30 a.m. or on weekends only)

Other Applications 

Light Rail Track Access Permit Application

Roadway Travel Exception Permit Application


Roadway Solicitation Permit Application
Requires (see application for full requirements):

Tree Permit Application
Requires (see application for full requirements):

Block Party/Special Event Application