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Operational Overview
The City of Norfolk has a rich history of quality and innovative response to emergencies. Over 100 years of fire service response and over 30 years of pre-hospital emergency medical service (EMS) response have resulted in high service delivery standards for the members of Norfolk Fire-Rescue (NFR). Over the years, calls for service have changed and NFR’s operational response has changed to meet the challenges.

Today’s responses involve much more than fire calls and medical emergencies. Innovative approaches to technically challenging calls such as hazardous material responses, technical rescue responses and water rescue emergencies are answered by firefighters who are properly trained and prepared to respond on these calls.

Highly Trained Firefighters

Norfolk’s firefighters are cross-trained fire and EMS providers that respond on fire and medic apparatus that are well equipped and maintained. Our firefighters are outfitted with modern personal protective equipment that is intended to provide the best protection possible. Norfolk’s firefighters respond to calls for service that involve threats to life, property, and the environment.

Members of NFR work in a department with strong traditional values, all the while ensuring that we also look to the future and always ask how the job might be completed safer and better. If you are considering employment in a fire department, and want to be part of a team that holds service and professionalism as its standard, then you should consider becoming part of the NFR team.

Free Smoke Alarms
Call 757-664-6510 to schedule a smoke alarm installation today. You can also obtain a smoke alarm by completing the online form. A representative of Norfolk Fire-Rescue will contact you to make an appointment to install your smoke alarm. Because every home needs a working smoke alarm.

Hands-Only CPR
Everyone should know how to perform CPR in an emergency. Immediate, effective CPR can more than double the chance of survival. Can be taught in groups of 10-20 people in 30-45 minutes. Please call 664-6510 to schedule a free training class.

STOP the Bleed
No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene. A person can die from blood loss within 5 minutes. Bystanders can take simple steps to keep a victim alive till medical arrives. To schedule a free training class for your group call 664-6510

PulsePoint.pngTrained in CPR?  Download the PulsePoint app and get alerted to sudden cardiac arrests in your immediate vicinity, so that you can start CPR in the critical lifesaving minutes before we arrive.

Program Designed to Regulate and Reduce False Fire Alarms

Norfolk City Council adopted an ordinance on July 1, 2018 pertaining to fire alarms, in an effort to enhance public safety and reduce the unnecessary expenditure of public resources when public safety agencies respond to false alarms. The ordinances are also designed to provide regulation for the use and operation of residential and commercial fire alarms; this is achieved by completing the appropriate registration form and forwarding it to:

Norfolk Fire-Rescue
Fire Marshal’s Office
100 Brooke Avenue, Suite 400
Norfolk, VA  23501
Telephone: 757-664-6604
Fax #: 757-441-2537

Alarm User Registration 
Form FD 16

Alarm Company Registration Form FD 17

There is no fee charged for registration of alarm systems or alarm companies. 

For a non-commercial unit, each false alarm, after three false alarms in a 6-month period, originating from the same location, shall be assessed a service fee of $75 per incident.
For a commercial unit, each false alarm, after three false alarms in a 6-month period, originating from the same location, shall be assessed a service fee of $150 per incident
The fire chief or his designee shall bill each user responsible for the false alarm with the appropriate service fee. All such fees shall be paid within thirty (30) days of billing.

For questions regarding your fire alarm contact the Norfolk Fire-Rescue Fire Marshal’s office at (757) 664-6604.

Most false alarms are caused by user error. By following these simple steps, you can greatly reduce your chances of creating a false alarm.
  • Instruct everyone who has a key on how to operate the alarm and how to cancel false alarms.
  • Improper cooking methods, unattended cooking, and or other negligent practices.
  • Poorly placed detector heads.
  • Notify your alarm company immediately if you think your system is not working properly. Schedule routine maintenance and check your system’s batteries often.
  • Ensure proper notification has been made when maintenance is being performed on the system.

Contact Us

Michael T. Brooks

Acting Fire Chief

100 Brooke Ave.
Suite 500
Norfolk, VA 23510

Ph: 757-664-6600
Fx: 757-624-6832

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