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Ohio Creek Watershed Project

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Ohio Creek Watershed Project
WB_Project Map_v3_sm.jpg
For conceptual design, click here.
Here are representations of the Ohio Creek Watershed Project.  Due to the receipt of federal funding, the project must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act. Therefore, the City is conducting an environmental review of the project.  Please review the conceptual images below and give us your comments on the overall project, any component of the project and/or your impression of the environmental impact of the various components of the project by March 16, 2018.  All comments should be directed to:

The Chesterfield Heights and Grandy Village neighborhoods have been selected to participate in a transformational coastal improvement project. This $112 million project will reduce flooding, improve public spaces and ensure these communities thrive for years to come.
The Ohio Creek Watershed Project is part of Norfolk’s Resilience Strategy and supports its three goals:
  • Design a coastal community capable of dealing with the increased risk of flooding
  • Create economic opportunity by advancing efforts to grow existing and new industry sectors
  • Advance initiatives to connect communities, deconcentrate poverty, and strengthen neighborhoods
Quarterly Newsletter
January 2018


About the Communities:
The Ohio Creek Watershed includes two residential, predominantly African American neighborhoods with civic leagues and a strong community identity: Historic Chesterfield Heights with over 400 houses on the Historic National Register; and Grandy Village, which includes a public housing community with more than 300 units.

The Ohio Creek Watershed experiences tidal and precipitation flooding.  Only two roads access the community.  One road is completely impassable during regular nuisance flood events.  Residents have expressed concerns about being cut off from the rest of the city.  Residents have also expressed concerns about shoreline erosion that exacerbates river flooding and prevents recreational activity.
About the Project:
Norfolk was awarded a $112 million federal grant from the National Disaster Resilience Competition for the Ohio Creek Watershed Project. The project is exploring various landscape and hardscape options to improve flooding, public access to the waterway and connections to the rest of the city. 

Ohio Creek Watershed Project Citizen Participation Plan

Ohio Creek Watershed Project Environmental Review Process