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Elizabeth River with a Tugboat, Sailboat and the USS Wisconsin

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Community > Norfolk Civic Associations

  1. Directory of Civic Associations

Consumer Information

  1. Consumer Complaints

Geographic Information Systems - Interactive Mapper

  1. Mapper Tool Disclaimer

Geographic Information Systems - Norfolk Air

  1. Instruction Guide
  2. Mapper Tool Disclaimer

Geographic Information Systems - Survey Monument Mapper

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Mapper Tool Disclaimer
  3. Quick Start Instruction Guide

Human Resources - Disability Management & Workers Comp - Non-Occupational

  1. United States Department of Labor FMLA Forms and Information

Human Resources - Disability Management & Workers Comp - Occupational

  1. Virginia Workers Compensation Commission

Human Resources - EW & P - Prostate Cancer Prevention

  1. Healthcare Plan Information
  2. Prostate Cancer Informational Brochure

Human Resources - EW & P - Wellness Pledge

  1. Wellness Pledge Form

Human Resources - EW&P - Bike Share

  1. Employee Bike Share Program Map
  2. Bike Safety Videos

Human Resources - EW&P - Healthwise Handbook

  1. Healthwise Knowledgebase

Human Services - Adult Foster Care Provider

  1. Adult Foster Care Provider Program Brochure

Human Services - Adult Protective Services

  1. National Crime Prevention Council's video

Human Services - Domestic Violence

  1. Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Human Services - Juvenile Detention Center

  1. Juvenile Detention Center Brochure

Human Services - Prevention

  1. Prevention Referral Form

Human Services - Prisoner Reentry

  1. Norfolk Prisoner Reentry Council Brochure

Neighborhood Quality

  1. Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia

Norfolk Animal Care Center - Adopt

  1. Adoption Survey

Norfolk Animal Care Center - Help the Shelter

  1. Shelter Wish List
  2. Friends of the NACC

Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center

  1. NFWC Membership Application
  2. NFWC Newsletter

Public Works - Right of Way

  1. This Week's Traffic / Lane Closure Report

Ready by Five

  1. Kids Priority One

RPOS - Celebrate Trees In Your Yard

  1. Homeowner and Business Guide for Selecting the Right Tree

Tax Payments

  1. eServices Portal