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Statewide Municipal Utility Relief Program


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  • General Application

    1. COVID-19 Municipal Utility Relief Program

      CARES Act assistance is available for past due water and wastewater service fees incurred from March - December 2020. The Federal Government has limited these funds to water and wastewater services charges only, it will not cover charges for stormwater, trash, or late fees, interest or penalty charges. Norfolk Utilities will make every effort to apply the maximum amount of credit for which you are eligible. Funding is designed to be a one-time opportunity. Complete the simple self-certification below if you've experienced a COVID-19 economic hardship and have past due water and wastewater service charges.

    2. Due to high demand, individual status updates are not available by phone or email. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please monitor your HRUBS account for applied payment assistance. Payment may post as late as the end of January.

    3. General Application Information

      Enter the HRUBS account holder information. The name and address on the application must match what is on the HRUBS account.

    4. Must be a Norfolk address to apply.

    5. Please include area code and number.

    6. Enter 10 digit account number. Norfolk Utilities will use this information to help determine the total eligible past-due charges.

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    8. For Residential Customers: Place a mark beside the applicable cause of economic hardship if you or a person in your household has experienced a loss of income due to the COVID‐19 pandemic.*

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    9. Is the utility fee arrearage due to economic hardship experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?