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Vision 2100
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What is Vision 2100?
In the fall of 2015, as a part of its overall resiliency efforts, the City of Norfolk began a planning process, called Vision 2100.  Vision 2100, adopted on November 22, 2016, provides a long-term strategy to address the challenges of sea level rise, infrastructure needs, and population growth.  It's overall goal is to design the coastal community of the future, ensuring that Norfolk will be a dynamic, water-based City well into the future.  To watch videos introducing the project, click here and here.  To read the adopted vision, click here.  

What should Vision 2100 tell us?
Vision 2100 is all about how we make our decisions.  Whether it’s the city’s infrastructure investments or its response to development proposals, Vision 2100 aims to ensure that resources are used efficiently, with an eye towards the future.

How does this relate to other efforts? Vision 2100 is integrally linked to the city’s efforts as part of the 100 Resilient Cities initiative as well as the city’s Neighbors Building Neighborhoods initiative.  The input collected as part of the Vision 2100 planning process is informing those efforts and the strategies developed for each are reflected in the other.

Project Materials
Visioning Community Meetings
The city hosted a series of visioning meetings in the summer of 2016.  The goal of those meetings was to take the asset information collected during the earlier asset mapping meetings and use it, along with other available information, to create a resilient vision for Norfolk as the ‘Coastal Community of the Future’.
Kickoff Meeting April 19, 2016
Asset Mapping Overview and Visioning Kickoff 
Visioning Meeting #1
May 19, 2016
Overview and Vision Confirmation
Presentation | Results
Visioning Meeting #2
June 16, 2016
Goal Setting and Strategy Development
Presentation | Results
Visioning Meeting #3
August 18, 2016
Draft Plan Review
Presentation | Handout | Results

Asset Mapping Community Meetings
The city hosted a series of asset mapping meetings in the winter of 2016.  The goal of those meetings was to collect input on the key assets that we should be protecting, building on, and replicating into the future.  For more information on the purpose and format of those meetings, click here.
Overall Asset Mapping Process Purpose and format
Summary of input
1st Meeting - January 21, 2016, First Baptist Lambert's Point Summary of input 
2nd Meeting - February 4, 2016, Huntersville Multipurpose Center Summary of input 
3rd Meeting - February 18, 2016, Mary D Pretlow Library Summary of input 
Supplemental Meeting - February 19, 2016, Calvert Square FIP Summary of input 
4th Meeting - February 27, 2016, Norview Community Center Summary of input 

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Jeremy E. Sharp, AICP
Principal Planner