Neighborhood Engagement

The Division of Neighborhood Engagement is working to build strong, healthy neighborhoods of choice through strategic development and creative collaborations that include community participation, mobilization of programs, and public and private investments.

The division has three primary focus areas.

Community Development

The division expands opportunities that promote neighborhood cohesion, stability and sustainability. Opportunities include Neighborhood Engagement's staff working with cross-functional teams to implement neighborhood strategies and initiatives and working with community leaders to find positive solutions to issues by building on community strengths and partnerships.

Policy and Program Development

The division supports the development of broader neighborhood development and revitalization policies and resources. Priority issues of the division includes housing affordability, fair housing, and landlord and tenant issues, and each issue is addressed with creative and traditional strategies.

Capacity Building

The division provides neighborhoods and individuals access to programs and services designed to promote the welfare of neighborhoods to enhance community pride and to encourage citizen participation.