Neighborhood Pride Grant Program

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Block By Block

Block-by-Block Neighborhood Pride Grant Program

The City of Norfolk’s Block-by-Block Neighborhood Pride Grant Program offers civic leagues and neighborhood associations financial assistance to improve their neighborhoods one block at a time!

The program is a resource that provides opportunities for residents to:

  • engage with their neighbors to design, develop and implement their own neighborhood improvement ideas and projects
  • develop and enhance relationships with the City
  • build mutually productive collaborations with local public and private businesses
  • acquire and utilize new and sustainable skills

The city offers two categories for Block-by-Block: matching grants and mini grants,

Matching Grant 

Through the provision of matching grants, civic leagues/neighborhood organizations can receive up to $2500 to undertake a neighborhood improvement project. Applicants must match funding to at least 50% of the amount granted by the city. Eligible matches may be cash, quantifiable in-kind contributions, and volunteer time.

Mini Grant

Have a smaller project that just needs a little help? The city offers a mini Block-by-Block Grant. This grant provides up to $500 to a civic league or organization to fund a project or event that meets the program guidelines and requirements.

Grant Packet

Below is a link to the Block By Block grant packet. The packet contains the Program Description and Guidelines; Frequently Asked Questions; a Matching Grant Application; and a Mini-Grant Application. After reviewing the material, your group can decide whether to apply for the Matching Grant or the Mini-Grant and submit the appropriate application back to us. 


Any Norfolk civic league or neighborhood association that has state legal entity or non-profit status is eligible to apply. Proposed projects must be implemented in the neighborhood of residency. A group qualifying as a civic league must have:

  • Open memberships to all residents of the neighborhood
  • Officers (president, secretary, treasurer)
  • Bylaws (must provide a copy)
  • Regular meetings and meeting minutes
  • Legal entity - the organization must be a legal entity, non-stock corporation in Virginia.  It does not have to be a federally designated 501(c) organization. [For more information on becoming a non-for-profit legal entity with non-profit status in the state of Virginia, visit the State Corporation Commission website]


An NBN Academy session on YouTube is available to walk applicants through the process.  Residents may also request a 30 minute technical assistance session through their Neighborhood Development Specialist.  For more information, call 757-664-6770 or email Neighborhood Engage.

Block By Block Grant pre-application checklist