Neighborhood Pride Grant Program

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Block-by-Block Neighborhood Pride Grant Program

The City of Norfolk’s Block-by-Block Neighborhood Pride Grant Program offers civic leagues and neighborhood associations financial assistance to improve their neighborhoods one block at a time!

The program is a resource that provides opportunities for residents to:

  • engage with their neighbors to design, develop and implement their own neighborhood improvement ideas and projects
  • develop and enhance relationships with the City
  • build mutually productive collaborations with local public and private businesses
  • acquire and utilize new and sustainable skills

The city offers two categories for Block-by-Block: matching grants and mini grants,

Matching Grant 

Through the provision of matching grants, civic leagues/neighborhood organizations can receive up to $2500 to undertake a neighborhood improvement project. Applicants must match funding to at least 50% of the amount granted by the city. Eligible matches may be cash, quantifiable in-kind contributions, and volunteer time.

Mini Grant

Have a smaller project that just needs a little help? The city offers a mini Block-by-Block Grant. This grant provides up to $500 to a civic league or organization to fund a project or event that meets the program guidelines and requirements.

2024 Grant Packet

Below are links to the Block By Block Grant description and frequently asked questions and the applications. The documents can be downloaded, accessed, saved, and printed using free PDF reader applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Please also scroll down and review the pre-application checklist.  

2024 Deadlines

Civic leagues and other neighborhood based organizations are encouraged to begin planning for BBB grants or discussing with their Neighborhood Development Specialist at any time during the year.  However, applications are only accepted three times a year. Neighborhood Services first reviews the grants before sending them through the approval process with the City Attorney's Office, Department of Finance, and the City Manager's office.  Applications will be accepted in 2023 during the following dates.

February 12 - March 1

July 15 - August 2

October 14 - November 1


Any Norfolk civic league or neighborhood association that has a state legal entity status is eligible to apply. It cannot be a business or for-profit company.   Proposed projects must be implemented in the neighborhood of residency. A group qualifying as a civic league must have:

  • Open memberships to all residents of the neighborhood
  • Officers (president, secretary, treasurer)
  • Bylaws (must provide a copy)
  • Regular meetings and meeting minutes
  • Legal entity - the organization must be a legal entity, non-stock corporation in Virginia. [For more information on becoming a non-for-profit legal entity with non-profit status in the state of Virginia, visit the State Corporation Commission website]


An NBN Academy session on YouTube is available to walk applicants through the process.  Residents may also request a 30 minute technical assistance session through their Neighborhood Development Specialist.  For more information, call 757-664-6770 or email Neighborhood Engage.

Block-By-Block Pre-application Checklist

  • Read all grant instructions carefully.
  • Can document that the civic league or organization is a legal entity listed on the Virginia State Corporation Commission website.  
  • Group approval is achieved on the grant project from civic league.  [The project can not be a lone individual’s idea.]
  • Conducted due-diligence in identifying any necessary permissions or permits needed for the project from government departments or property owners.
  • Conducted due diligence in obtaining specific and accurate cost estimates for the budget.
  • Obtained your Neighborhood Development Specialist signature.
  • Have preliminary commitment of volunteers for the project.
  • If a matching grant, have obtained preliminary commitment of matching source.
  • Have the W-9 signed and prepared to submit.

Your application is only ready to submit if all of these apply.

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