ADA Ramp Program

Public Works ADA Ramp Program 

Over the last several years, accessibility has been a high priority for the city. In the early 1990’s, the Department of Justice and Department of Transportation enforced Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with respect to the public right of way, including streets, roads, and highways. Title II requires the state and local governments to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to the pedestrian routes in the public right of way. The essential portion of this requirement is the obligation whenever streets and roadways are altered to provide curb ramps where street level pedestrian walkways cross curbs. Alteration includes activities such as reconstruction, rehabilitation, resurfacing, widening and projects of similar scale and effect. 

There are over 15,500 ADA ramps required in the city. The City has installed ramps over 12,000 of these curb ramps, with approximately 3,500 remaining to be installed. The average cost per ramp is about $2200. Therefore, the cost to complete the remaining 3,500 ramps is $7.7 Million in today’s dollars. City staff in the Streets and Bridges Division, supplemented by contractors, have installed numerous ramps in response to citizen requests and identification of priority locations. Funding for these efforts comes from existing maintenance and improvement funding allocations in the operating and capital budgets. Over the past 5 years, the City has submitted applications to VDOT’s Revenue Sharing Program for a $1M project of which $500,000 would be City matching funds. These matching funds come from the CIP budgets. 

Holistically, the City has been installing ADA ramps through the following strategic methods: 

  • Department of Public Works applied for CDBG funds from 2005 until 2012. During that timeframe, Public Works was awarded between $150K to $300K of CDBG funds per year to install ADA ramps. These CDBG funds were dedicated to the following neighborhoods:
    • Southside – (Campostella, Berkley-Beacon Light, and Campostella Heights) 
    • Park Place
    • Huntersville
    • Ingleside 
    • Titustown
    • Chesterfield Heights
    • Sussex 
    • Wards Corner
    •  Talbot Park 
    •  Brambleton 
  • After 2012, Public Works did not pursue CDBG funds.  Instead, funding for ADA ramps installation was planned into the city’s Capital Improvement Projects Program. During this time, the primary focus was given to neighborhoods with a large concentration of people with disabilities. Priority attention was also given to locations that were highly travelled areas by pedestrians. The following are some of the areas that were chosen based on these criteria:  
    • Southern Shopping Center area – Wards Corner
    • Military Circle – Janaf Shopping Center area
    • Poplar Halls Drive
    • Glenrock Road
    • Downtown
    • Areas in the vicinity of hospitals and schools 
  • In FY15, Public Works submitted applications to the VDOT Revenue Share Program for matching funds for the installation of ADA ramps in the amount of $1M. Under this funding program, the emphasis of curb ramp installation was placed along arterial streets. The plan consisted of installing ADA ramps along major arterials prior to resurfacing those roads. The city also pursued VDOT State of Good Repair funds to assist in cost of resurfacing these arterial streets. The following thoroughfares had ADA ramps installed prior to the resurfacing of these major arterials: 
    • Hampton Boulevard                                            
    • Colley Avenue
    • Granby Street
    • Tidewater Drive
    • Cromwell Road
    • Chesapeake Boulevard
    • East Little Creek Road
    • West Little Creek Road
    • Shore Drive
    • East Ocean View Avenue
    • West Ocean View Avenue
    • Campostella Road
    • Robinhood Road
    • Azalea Garden Road
    • Ballentine Boulevard 
  • Once a significant number of arterial streets were outfitted with ADA ramps and then paved, Public Works focused on street improvement projects in neighborhoods. Following the same method as with arterial streets, ADA ramps were installed in the neighborhoods prior to resurfacing or microsurfacing the roads. The following were some of those neighborhoods:  
    • West Ghent
    • East Ghent
    • Sussex – Wards Corner
    • East Tanners Creek
    • Oakmont
    • River Forest Shores
    • Shadywood East 
    • Park Place
    • Middle Towne Arch
    • Stonebridge Crossing
    • Roosevelt Gardens
    • North Camellia Acres
    • Camellia Shores
    • The Gardens
    • Larrymore Lawns
    • Oakwood
    • Water Edge
    • Meadowbrook Forest 
  • The city’s contractor who are overseen by the Streets and Bridges Division – Field Engineering Group have also installed numerous ramps in response to citizen requests over the last few years in the following areas:
    • Suburban Acres
    • Coleman Place
    • North Shore
    • Colonial Place
    • River Oaks
    • Estabrook
    • Broad Creek
    • Maple Hall – Hollywood
    • Spring Meadow Road
  • Immediate Future ADA ramp installations requested by Council are as follows:
    • Lindenwood Neighborhood - (Near Lindenwood E. S.) - $125K – Completed in March 2022
    • Thole Street at Sue Lane - $8K – Completed in March 2022
    • E.  Westmont Ave.  & Stratford St. – (Near Mary Whitworth Calcott E.S.) - $9K – Completed April 2022
    • Hampton Blvd. and W. 38th Street - $12K – Anticipated completion by May 15, 2022
  • Future VDOT Revenue Share – Citywide ADA Projects - Application Submittals:
    • FY 25 – Phase 5 - Ballentine Place
    • FY 26 – Phase 6
  • Medical Center 
  • Downtown
  • Berkley
  • Estabrook
  • Norvella

Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator

For more information about ADA policies or to submit questions or concerns, please reach out to the City of Norfolk's Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, Adrienne Gardner. Contact information can be found on the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator webpage.

Upcoming ADA Ramp Installation Projects

  1. Crossroads - (Austin St., Delano St., Burksdale, Kenwood, Hyde Park)
  2. Intersection of Core Avenue and Spotswood Avenue
  3. Larchmont/Edgewater – (Bolling Avenue)
  4. Tanners Creek East
  5. Meadowbrook Woods
  6. Norvella Heights – (Texas Avenue, Vivian Street, John Street., etc.)
  7. Norview Heights – (Lenoir Circle, Hampshire Avenue, Norview Avenue., etc.)
  8. Titustown 

Sidewalk Replacement Program  

The Department of Public Works’ Division of Streets & Bridges maintains over 900 miles of sidewalk in the city. A database management system is used to capture and track the status of sidewalk repair requests. Currently, we have approximately 300 sidewalk repair requests in the system. A combination of in-house forces and city contractors are used to repair these sidewalks. 

Recently, the city contractor performed sidewalk replacements in the following neighborhoods: 

  • Berkley/Beacon Light – (Bellamy Ave., South Main St., Berkley Ave. Ext.)
  • Park Place – (W. 32nd Street at Broadway Street and W. 32nd Street at Llewellyn Ave.)
  • Park Place – (W. 36th St. – Colley Ave. to Gosnold Ave.)
  • Park Place – (W. 24th St. -Granby St. to Omohundro Ave.)
  • Kensington/Old Dominion – (W. 27th St. – Bowdens Ferry Rd. to Hampton Blvd.)                                                                                                                
  • Crossroads – (Westcliff Drive)
  • East Little Creek Road – (N. Military Hwy. to Shore Drive)
  • Coleman Place – (Larkin St., Birch St., Wyoming St., etc.)
  • South Bayview – (Pythian Ave., Bison Ave., Montague St.)
  • Bel-Aire
  • North Camellia Acres – (Tarpon Place)
  • Roosevelt Gardens & Camellia Gardens – (Ridgefield Drive: Pace Rd. to Camelia Rd.)
  • Ocean View – (W. Bay Ave., W. Government Ave., W. Ocean Ave.)
  • Ghent – (Redgate Avenue at Manteo Street)
  • Ghent – (Colley Avenue at W. 20th Street)
  • Ghent – (W. 21st Street at Omohundro Avenue and Llewellyn Avenue)
  • Ghent – Stockley Gardens- (Redgate Avenue to Raleigh Avenue.)
  • Ghent – Stockley Gardens: (Maury Ave. to Baldwin Ave.)

Upcoming Future Sidewalk Replacement Projects for Contractor

  1. Berkley/Beacon Light - (Berkley Ave. Ext. to Marsh Street)
  2. Ingleside 
  3. Crown Point 
  4. Greenwood
  5. Elmhurst
  6. Lake Taylor / Janaf
  7. Coronado
  8. Ballentine Place
  9. Huntersville 
  10. River Oaks
  11. Titustown
  12. Hollywood Homes/Maple Hall
  13. Wards Corner

Sidewalk Grinding Program

Since 2019, the city’ contractor has been performing sidewalk grinding throughout Norfolk. Sidewalk Grinding provided the city with positive benefits compared traditional removal/replacement (R/R) of sidewalk panels.    

Sidewalk Grinding has an average cost of $3.94 per square foot.  The removal and replacement of sidewalk has an average cost of $7.00 per square foot. Sidewalk Grinding also reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere. The use of fossil fuels is also lower. 

Below is a chart showing the neighborhoods where sidewalk grinding was performed with their corresponding number of repairs, total cost comparison and environmental benefits:










Cost Savings



Fossil Fuels





Gas Emissions


[Carbon Dioxide



(Metric Tons)

East Ghent

(15,203 SF)



$ 55,314.77

$ 106,421

$ 51,107




(9,944 SF)



$ 35,924.56

$ 69,608.56

$ 33,684




(22,472 SF)



$ 81,221.98

$ 157,304

$ 76,082




(12,174 SF)



$ 47,214.86

$ 266,021.98

$ 38,003




(40,432 SF)



$ 145,656.28

$ 283,024




Villa Heights

(9,295 SF)



$ 31,930.15

$ 65,065

$ 33,134.85



Lamberts Point

(24,234 SF)



$ 84,564.06

$ 169,638




Kensington/Old Dominion (6,762 SF)


$ 24,180.38

$ 47,334

$ 23,154.62



Park Place

(29,403 SF)



$ 101,137.47

$ 205,821

$ 104,683.53




(16,147 SF)



$ 56,658.63

$ 113,029

$ 56,370.37




(10,923 SF)



$ 38,147.27

$ 76,461

$ 38,313.73



Campostella Heights

(7,269 SF)



$ 25,182.01

$ 50,883

$ 25,700.99



Highland Park

(6,526 SF)



$ 23,215.64

$ 45,682

$ 22,466.36



ODU Village

(5,744 SF)


$ 19,789.56

$ 40,208

$ 20,418.44



TOTAL = 216,528 SF







Upcoming Sidewalk Grinding Projects

  1. Sussex
  2. Pleasant Point
  3. Middle Towne Arch
  4.  Easton Forest / Easton Place
  5. Wards Corner
  6. Fairmount Park
  7. Brandon Place
  8. Titustown
  9. Hollywood Homes/Maple Hall
  10. Lake Taylor
  11. Ballentine Place
  12. Fox Hall
  13. Norview 

Department of Transportation VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) Program

The Department of Transportation’s Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Program manages a large state and federally funded program. Each of these transportation projects follows the City’s Complete Streets policy. This means each project is evaluated for safe access for all users. Currently, there are 30 projects under design or in active construction. The following projects were recently completed with pedestrian improvements. 

  • Elizabeth River Trail Phase IVC/V
  • Little Creek Corridor Crosswalks
  • Elizabeth River Trail at Fort Norfolk
  • West Ocean View Flyover 
  • Granby Street and Bayview Boulevard Intersection Improvements
  • Virginia Beach Boulevard Improvements at Newtown Road
  • Countdown Signals and Pedestrian Accommodations Phase 1  

Pedestrian Signal Improvements

The VDOT Program has recently been successful in obtaining $3.8 million in Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding to improve intersection pedestrian accommodations across the city. This funding is broken across two phases. Phase 1 (UPC 108796) improved 60 intersections. This phase was completed in 2020. Phase 2 (UPC 111023) is currently under design and includes 25 intersections throughout the City. Both phases improve intersections with new ADA ramps, pedestrian countdown signals, and new high visibility crosswalk pavement markings.

Phase 1 Intersections

  • Shore Dr and Pretty Lake Ave
  • Shore Dr and Pleasant Ave
  • E Ocean View Ave and 13th Bay St
  • W Ocean View and Granby St
  • W Ocean View and 4th View St
  • Tidewater Dr and Bayview Blvd
  • E Little Creek Rd and Azalea Garden Rd
  • Military Hwy and Johnstons Rd
  • Sewells Point Rd and Widgeon Rd
  • E Little Creek Rd and I-64 WB Off Ramp
  • W Little Creek Rd and Newport Ave
  • W Little Creek Rd and Ruthven Rd
  • Hampton Blvd and W. Little Creek Rd
  • Hampton Blvd and 49th St
  • Hampton Blvd and 47th St
  • Hampton Blvd and 45th St
  • Hampton Blvd and 43rd St
  • Hampton Blvd and 41st St
  • Granby St and Kingsley Ln
  • Granby St and Delaware Ave
  • Colley Ave and 21st St
  • Colonial Ave and 21st St
  • Hampton Blvd and Redgate Ave
  • Colley Ave and Redgate Ave
  • Colonial Ave and Princess Anne Rd
  • Virginia Beach Blvd and Church St
  • Tidewater Dr and St Julian Ave
  • Tidewater Dr and Goff St
  • Tidewater Dr and Brambleton Ave
  • Park Ave and Princess Anne Rd
  • Park Ave and Virginia Beach Blvd
  • Kempsville Rd and Kempsville Circle N
  • Kempsville Rd and Kempsville Circle S
  • Campostella Rd and Indian River Rd
  • Waterside Dr and St Pauls Blvd
  • Waterside Dr and Atlantic St
  • Waterside Dr and Martin Ln
  • Waterside Dr and City Hall Ave
  • Boush St and W Main St
  • Boush St and W Plume St
  • Granby St and City Hall Ave
  • City Hall Ave and Bank St
  • St Pauls Blvd and City Hall Ave
  • E Main St and Atlantic St
  • Boush St and Tazewell St
  • Boush St and College Place
  • Boush St and Freemason St
  • Boush St and Charlotte St
  • W Brambleton Ave and Boush St
  • Boush St and Olney Rd
  • Virginia Beach Blvd and Boush St
  • Olney Rd and Duke St
  • W Brambleton Ave and Yarmouth St
  • W Brambleton Ave and Duke St
  • E Brambleton Ave and Monticello Ave
  • E Brambleton Ave and St Pauls Blvd
  • St Pauls Blvd and E Bute St
  • St Pauls Blvd and Charlotte St
  • Campostella Rd & Greenleaf Dr
  • Boush St and City Hall Ave

Phase 2 Intersections (tentative)

  • Chesapeake Blvd and Chesapeake St/Dudley Ave
  • E Ocean View Ave and Sturgis St
  • Hampton Blvd and Bolling Ave
  • Tidewater Dr and Cromwell Dr
  • Tidewater Dr and Alsace Ave
  • Colley Ave and 38th St
  • Llewellyn Ave and Delaware Ave
  • Granby St and 38th St
  • Granby St and 35th St
  • Granby St and Broadway St
  • Monticello Ave and Church St
  • Church St and 26th St
  • Monticello Ave and 18th St
  • Princess Anne Rd and Church St
  • Brambleton Ave and Church St
  • Berkley Ave and Fauquier St
  • Ballentine Blvd and Virginia Beach Blvd
  • Virginia Beach Blvd and Herndon Way
  • Botetourt St and Brambleton Ave/ York St
  • Duke St and Bute St
  • Monticello Ave and Charlotte St
  • Monticello Ave and Freemason St
  • Monticello Ave and Market St
  • Monticello Ave and City Hall
  • Plume St and Bank St

Engineering Program

The Engineering Program has been successful in obtaining CIP funding to make intersection and other spot improvements throughout the city to improve mobility for all roadway users. The following list of projects include those recently completed or planned to specifically address pedestrian accommodations. 

  • Program to provide on-street handicap parking spaces for residents that do not have access to driveways or on-site parking
  • Shoop Ave sidewalk with ADA curb ramps. Includes curb ramp replacement on the next block to comply with currents standards
  • Railroad District sidewalk and curb ramp improvement project
  • Colley Ave & 35th St pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Colley Ave & 27th St pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • E Little Creek Rd & Meadow Creek pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • E Ocean View Ave & 13th Bay St pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Hampton Blvd & Glendale Ave pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Hampton Blvd & Jamestown Cres replacement intersection that will include pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Hampton Blvd & Beechwood Ave pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps 
  • Hampton Blvd & Azalea Ct complete traffic signal replacement including pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Park Ave & Corprew Ave pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Colley Ave & 42nd St pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps         
  • Hampton Blvd & 27th St pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps
  • Plume St sidewalk pedestrian safety enhancement
  • Implementation of Leading Pedestrian Intervals at appropriate signalized intersections
  • Virginia Beach Blvd & Glenrock Rd. provide missing sidewalk connection along the north side of the road west of Glenrock Rd. Includes pedestrian signals with compliant curb ramps on the west leg of the intersection
  • New traffic signal on Virginia Beach Blvd & Winburne Ln with pedestrian signals
  • Upgraded traffic signal on E little Creek Rd at Adm Taussig Blvd with pedestrian signal accommodations and curb ramps
  • Traffic signal retiming on the following corridors that included an evaluation of Vehicular Clearance intervals as well pedestrian signal Walk and Clearance intervals:
    • Hampton Blvd
    • Downtown
    • Little Creek Rd - Wards Corner area and west
    • Tidewater Dr
    • Princess Anne Rd
    • Campostella Rd
    • Indian River Rd
    • Colley Ave
    • Colonial Ave 
    • Granby St - 26th St to Willow Wood Dr
    • Monticello Ave