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Kayak/Canoe Public Access Locations


  1. Picnic Tables
  2. Public Boat Access
  3. Public Parking Lots
  4. Public Restroom
  5. Showers
  6. Trash Cans
Kayak & boat put-ins

One of the best ways to explore our waterways and observe our native wildlife is by grabbing a paddle and a kayak. RPOS Lifeguards conduct group kayaking and canoeing, but for those who wish to explore on their own, Norfolk has 13 existing official kayak/canoe access locations located throughout the city. Norfolk Lifeguards conduct group kayaking and canoeing for summer camp children each summer in Pretty Lake and Willoughby Bay. Adults and teens get the chance to join the fun with group paddles in September and October. 

Barraud Park   
Captain's Quarters   
Community Beach Park