License Fee


  • On January 4, 2005, City Council approved the Treasurer's proposal to eliminate city decals.
  • On December 1, 2009 the City Council eliminated boat decals.
  • Norfolk residents will continue to pay the annual vehicle/boat license fees as part of their personal property tax bill due each year.
  • For 2016, license fee rates have been increased.  
  • Ordinance number 45,955 adopted by City Council on May 19, 2015 addressed the increase on page 18.
  • The revenues from this increase are earmarked for the Complete Street Initiative.

License fees are imposed pursuant to the Code of Virginia, 46.2-752. For more information on this policy please read the Complete Streets Policy (PDF).

Passenger Vehicles

VehicleLicense Fee
Automobile or Motor Home: 4,000 pounds or less$31.00
Automobile or Motor Home: 4,001 to 19,000 pounds$36.00
Pick-up Truck, Panel Truck, or Van: 4,000 pounds or less$31.00
Pick-up Truck, Panel Truck, or Van: 4,001 to 19,000 pounds$36.00

Non-Passenger Vehicles

VehicleLicense Fee
Trucks and Tractors: 4,000 pounds or less$31.00
Trucks and Tractors: 4,001 to 19,000 pounds$36.00
Boat Trailers (all weights)$11.50
Camping Trailer: 2,000 pounds or less$11.50
Camping Trailer: 2,001 pounds or more$17.50
Travel Trailer: 4,000 pounds or less$17.50
Travel Trailer: 4,0001 pounds or more$20.00
Utility Trailer: 2,000 pounds or less$11.50
Utility Trailer: 2,001 pounds or more$25.00

Please note: If vehicle weighs more than 19,001 pounds, please call 757-664-7884 for fee rate.

License fees for vehicles listed above will be half price after July 1 each year.


VehicleLicense Fee
Boat under 16 feet$10
Boat 16 feet and over$25

Special Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Plates Rates

There is a reduced rate or exceptions for vehicles that have special DMV plates as listed:

  • Disabled Veterans (limit 1): No fee
  • Prisoner of War: No fee
  • Virginia National Guard: Half price