Map Gallery

NameSizeMapGIS Open Data
Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ)36" x 48"PDFAccident Potential Zones (AICUZ)
Noise Levels (AICUZ)
Annexation Map36" x 48"PDF
Cellular Towers11" x 17"PDF
Census Tracts8.5" x 11"PDF
Civic Leagues24" x 24"PDFCivic Leagues
Enterprise Zones36" x 60"PDFEnterprise Zones
Fire Stations36" x 48"PDFFire Stations
Flood Insurance Rate Map42" x 60"PDF
Flooded Streets and Intersections42" x 60"PDF
Landmarks24" x 24"PDF
Planning Districts24" x 24"PDFPlanning District
Precincts and Polling Locations36" x 48"PDFPrecincts
Polling Locations
Recreation Centers8.5" x11"PDFRecreation Centers
Schools 24" x 34"PDFSchools
School Boundary - Elementary School36" x 48"PDFElementary School Boundaries
School Boundary - Middle School36" x 48"PDFMiddle School Boundaries
School Boundary - High School36" x 48"PDFHigh School Boundaries
Street Map34"x37"PDFStreet Centerline
Superwards36" x 48"PDFSuperwards
U.S. Congressional Boundaries in Norfolk36" x 48"PDF
Virginia House of Delegates with Precincts and Polling Places in Norfolk36" x 48"PDF
Virginia State Senate Boundaries with Polling Locations in Norfolk36" x 48"PDF
Wards36" x 48"PDFWards
Zip Code Boundaries (Large)36" x 48"PDFZIP Code Boundaries
Zip Code Boundaries (Small)8.5" x 11"PDFZIP Code Boundaries

Additional Map Requests

Thank you for visiting the City of Norfolk's GIS Map Gallery Website. If you do not see the maps that you are looking for, we suggest that you reach out to the department directly to obtain any additional maps you may need.  Below you will find the department and contact information. 

Department Contact Information for Additional Map Requests



Information Technology GIS TeamContact GIS
Phone Number 757-664-4538
PlanningCity Hall Building 5th Floor
Phone Number 757-664-4752
Public Works; Division of SurveysCity Hall Building 7th Floor
Phone Number 757-664-4637
UtilitiesGranby Building 2nd Floor 
Phone Number 757-664-6701
Utilities Work With Us