City of Norfolk Street Sweeping Program

4 street sweepersThe City of Norfolk has the most comprehensive street sweeping program in Hampton Roads. All streets in the City that have curb and gutters are swept once a month and Downtown Norfolk is swept daily.

  • For neighborhoods swept on a two-day cycle, the even side of the roadway will be swept on the first day and the odd side on the second day. This allows for more flexibility with parking.
  • Street sweeping uses Mondays as make-up days. If for some reason your neighborhood is missed, we will do our best to return on one of the following two Mondays, but this is not guaranteed. If not possible, the schedule will revert back to the next month.

Street Sweeping UPDATE    Dec. 2021
**Delays in the regular schedule are likely to occur.**

  • Due to national supply chain shortages for parts, the division is experiencing delays in equipment repairs.
  • Street sweepers are not designed to pick up large volumes of leaves and it is currently taking two days or more to complete each daily route.
  • Staff are working longer hours and weekends to try and keep up with the schedule.
  • For parking enforced areas, parking enforcement will continue and posted no parking zones will be ticketed as usual. Please adhere to all No Parking signs. Crews will especially work to maintain these areas as much as possible. If a parking enforced area is missed, it will revert back to the following month. Street Sweeping does not manage the issuance of parking tickets.
  • For non-enforced parking areas, if a neighborhood route is unable to be completed, they will attempt to make it up the following week. If not, the missed portion will be prioritized the next month.
  • Only streets with a curb and gutter are swept.
  • Residents should never rake or blow leaves into the street or curb line. Residents must adhere to City Code 41.1-4 and proactively keep leaves and other debris out the curb line in front of their house. Residents can bag leaves in up to twenty (20) clear bags and set them out on their regular collection day for pick up by Waste Management.

    Thank you for your understanding during this time. Crews expect to be back on schedule by late January/early February.

Street Sweeping Schedule Map (PDF)

Street Sweeping Calendar 
Search for your sweeping day by address.

Why Sweep?

  • Helps reduce pollution and nuisance flooding
  • Minimizes stormwater runoff
  • Program collects 6,682 tons of debris per year
  • Supports Norfolk’s initiative for cleaner waterways

Street Sweeping teams may be unable to sweep due to:

  • Construction and road closures
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Low hanging limbs
  • Mechanical/equipment issues
  • Rain or hazardous weather conditions
  • Vehicles parked beside curbs


Tips to help you assist Street Sweeping crews:

  • Do not place yard debris, grass clippings or blow/rake leaves into the street.
  • Remove any large limbs or other heavy debris.
  • Remove vehicles from the street on scheduled days