Procurement of Goods & Services

The Office of the Purchasing Agent is comprised of the Purchasing Division.


It is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for all city departments, maintains an inventory of materials to support certain city operations, and is also charged with the responsibility to dispose of all city owned property that is declared surplus.

Central Procurement Officer

The purchasing agent serves as the central procurement officer of the city and is supported by purchasing team available to provide additional procurement information, as needed.


Learn about business certification.

Vendor Information

The City of Norfolk welcomes all new and responsible vendors to participate in its procurement processes and compete for business opportunities available within the city.

Getting Started

To get started, suppliers should register its business in the city’s vendor registration system. This will allow vendors to identify the goods and services it wants to sell to the city and become part of the vendor database the city uses for its purchases and payments.

W-9 Form

Part of the registration requires the vendor to provide a Tax Identification Number and W-9 Form.

Tax Exempt Form

If the vendor requires a Tax Exempt Form to exempt taxes for sales to the city, this form should be submitted to the purchasing agent for approval. Please contact our office for more details.