The Public Works Division of Surveys provides land surveying support to City departments and administers the land subdivision application process.

Benchmarks / Reference Points

There are approximately 450 concrete monuments of known elevation, called benchmarks, throughout the City of Norfolk. An interactive map of these monuments is available by clicking here.

Land Subdivision Plats

The Division of Surveys also processes and records all new subdivision plats within the City of Norfolk. 

  • Applications can be found HERE
  • An overview of the Land Subdivision Submission Process can be found HERE

The City Code for subdivisions is found in Chapter 42.5.

Plats / Surveys

Citizens wishing to have their property surveyed are advised to contact a private surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Virginia.

Official land records and legally recorded deeds and plats are housed in the Norfolk’s Circuit Clerk of Courts office located at 150 Saint Paul’s Boulevard. 

The Register of Deeds office has online access to documents.

Many municipal maps can be found on the City’s website Maps/Property Information page.

Surveys Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Have a question about Survey's hours of operation, obtaining plat copies, survey records, please click HERE.