What is NFK2050?

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NFK2050 (or Norfolk2050) is the process to create a new Comprehensive Plan for Norfolk, replacing the existing Comprehensive Plan, plaNorfolk2030. NFK2050 will create a framework for how our city will grow and evolve over the next 25 years and will include numerous opportunities for residents and stakeholders to provide input on the future of our city. 

The Comprehensive Plan relies heavily on public input to ensure the vision, goals, strategies, and actions contained in the plan represent a unified direction from the community. That’s why we need you to help us identify challenges and opportunities and set a path to improve the quality of life for all who call this great city home. 

NFK2050 is nothing without the voices of all Norfolkians, so help us shape this city together! 

What Is A Comprehensive Plan and Why Does It Matter To Me?

The Comprehensive Plan is, at its core, a guide that captures the vision of what a community wants to be in the future. Sometimes also referred to as a master plan or a general plan, it is the foundational document of long-term planning, land use planning, zoning, and growth management in the United States and enables local government officials and citizens to anticipate and deal constructively with changes occurring within the community. It is a broad effort to address a wide range of community issues and concerns, and to understand the important relationships between each part of a community.   

There is great value to a community in developing a Comprehensive Plan and the process itself can be as valuable as the final document. The planning process allows a community to be proactive (vs. reactive) to issues and changes that arise over time, provides guidance for orderly growth and development, provides an opportunity to think regionally, serves as a guide from which to base all decision-making in the present and over time (regardless of turnover in leadership), and can set up the community for grant funding success. 

Once adopted, NFK2050 will be used to guide the City’s decisions on many topics that affect the daily lives of residents and stakeholders, including (but not limited to): Housing, Arts and Culture, Transportation & Mobility, Economic Development, Natural/Built Environment, Land Use Policies, Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, Historic Preservation.

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