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Lakewood Dance & Music Center

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  1. Dance / Music Program

Affordable Dance & Music Opportunities
The Department of Department of Parks & Recreation offers dance and music classes each season for ages four through adult ranging from ballet to tap, piano to percussion. Students have the opportunity to take part in dance and music recitals each year. Classes are reasonably priced and offered at the Lakewood Dance and Music Center. Office hours are 12:30pm-8:30pm Monday Through Thursday. For a complete listing of classes, visit the following link For more information call the Lakewood Dance and Music Center at 757-441-5833.

Visual Arts Programs
The Visual Arts Center offers a variety of creative programming for Adults and Youth! Currently, we offer the following classes which include Clay Hand building, Darkroom Photography, Hot Glass, Home learners Art, I am the Clay, Mosaics, Open Studio for artists, Oriental Brush Painting, Painting Studio, Pottery on the Wheel, Quilting Studio, Stained Glass, Sewing, and additional inspiring workshops each session. For a complete listing of classes, workshops, and for online registration information please click on the following link 

Paul Street Gallery
The Paul Street Gallery is located inside the Visual Arts Center and boasts up to 6 art shows annually. Each exhibition represents participant artwork, instructor artwork, local artists, and partnerships. Contact the office for upcoming exhibitions or if you were interested in showing your work!

Office hours are currently 12:30pm-8:30pm Monday through Thursday. Please contact the Visual Arts office for more information! 757-441-1227.