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Volunteer Application

  1. NACC Volunteer Image
  2. **Please note: To volunteer onsite, you must be 16 years or older. We do have other volunteer opportunities for those younger than 16**
  3. Is your interest in volunteering for NACC to complete Court Ordered Community Service?
  4. Please indicate which day(s) and time(s) you are available to volunteer:
  5. From the following, please check all activities you are willing to help us with:*
  6. If you have not yet done so, please attend one of our Volunteer Orientations (dates and times available through our front desk). Applications are reviewed with priority given to prospective volunteers with availabilities that can immediately fill shelter needs. Prospective volunteers with availabilities that overlap current volunteers may still be trained; however, their preferred volunteer time slot may not be immediately available.
  8. Morning Dog Cleaning
    This position is fast-paced, repetitive, and requires quick attention to detail. Because of certain facility limitations, this position involves both indoor and outdoor chores, regardless of weather or temperature. Distances covered during normal working conditions range from 4-6 miles. Dog socialization opportunities are available once cleaning is complete.
  9. Morning Cat Cleaning
    Overall less strenuous than dog cleaning, this position does involve repetitive crouching, kneeling, then standing. Excellent attention to detail is a must, along with strong multi-tasking skills. Cat socialization opportunities are available once cleaning is complete.
  10. Continuing Animal Care
    This position involves keeping the animals clean and dry throughout the day, as well as providing enrichment. Assistance with laundry and dishes is required as needed. Closing shifts also help with taking out trash and preparing the facility for lights out.
  11. Adoption Counseling
    This is for people who love talking to other people. Our adoption process is not a test or an interview, it’s a conversation; a conversation among people who share a love and appreciation for animals. This position will help customers find the best animal match for their expectations and lifestyle.
  12. Runner
    If you’re more a behind-the-scenes person, then this job may be for you. In addition to helping with dishes and laundry, this position involves unloading and organizing supplies, cleaning hallways and public interaction rooms, and keeping our outdoor areas neat and tidy.
  13. Special Events
    This volunteer position is similar to being on-call. Throughout the year, we hold special adoption and/or fund raising events where we need extra sets of hands for event setup and breakdown. Not every event is the same and the schedule may vary. But if you like fast, busy work without a huge time commitment, this position may be just for you.
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