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Food Service Establishment (FSE) Grease Control Device (GCD) Registration Form

  1. FSE GCD Registration and FOG Approval Request

    If INSTALLING OR RETRO-FITTING a new grease control device (grease trap or grease interceptor) or if BUILDING OR PLUMBING PERMITS are required, please visit the following link to complete Appendix A of the: FOG Approval Request

    All other Food Services Establishments must complete the online registration below for review, in order to receive FOG Approval.

    All FSEs that have submitted the FOG Approval Request and have been issued a FOG Approval Letter, must complete the FSE GCD Registration when "setting up their water and sewer service or prior to obtaining a certificate of occupancy" per Chapter 39.1, Article V, Sec. 39.1-33(b).

  3. Enter the Food Service Establishment (FSE) Information
  4. Select All That Apply:*
  5. Are there 2 or more food service businesses using the commercial kitchen space/waste services?

    If Yes, please refer each food service business to this registration form with the City of Norfolk FOG Program.

  6. Only upload list of food businesses if you are the owner or operator of a commissary kitchen leasing the use of a commercial food space or providing food waste or grey water disposal to food service businesses, that do not have a brick & mortar establishment.

  7. The Hampton Roads Fats, Oils & Grease Best Management Practices Certification is required for all food service establishments (this includes mobile food trucks or food services leasing commercial kitchen space or waste disposal services):
  8. HR FOG Best Management Practices (BMP) Certified?*

    If No, please visit the following link to complete the Online Free FOG Training:


    Mobile Vendors / Food Trucks / Pop-Ups / Ghost Kitchens / Food Manufacturers or any food service business leasing a commercial kitchen space, please complete the following section, then sign and submit GCD Registration Form.

    Please provide photos of waste disposal locations as requested below, as they apply to your food service:

  10. Mobile vendors, food trucks, temporary event operators, food manufacturers or any food service businesses using a commercial kitchen for food processing and food waste disposal services in the City of Norfolk, must provide proof of permission to use said facilities.

  11. Grease Control Device used by commercial kitchens to capture oil, grease and food debris from entering the sanitary sewer system.

  12. Not common and typically found prior to a grease control device to capture large quantities of food or other debris.

  13. Used for the disposal/storage of food wastewater from equipment in mobile food trucks or at temporary events, such as 3 compartment sink water (used for food prep and washing/rinsing/sanitizing of food contact surfaces, handing washing sinks, etc...).

  14. A container, tank or barrel used to hold used cooking oil that has been strained of food solids and will be removed by an oil recycling company.

  15. FSE Used Cooking Oil (Yellow Grease) Recycling Information
  16. Will cooking oil be used? *
  17. Please visit the link to see the list of haulers: IndirectGreaseHaulers.pdf ( 

  18. FSE Grease Control Device (GCD) Information

    Grease Control Device (GCD) or previously known as a grease trap, shall mean a device used to collect, contain, or remove food waste and grease from the wastewater while allowing the remaining wastewater to be discharged to the City/County/Town’s sanitary sewer system by gravity. Devices include: hydromechanical grease interceptors (HGI), automatic grease removal devices (AGRD), or gravity grease interceptors (GGI).

  19. Does the FSE have GCDs in series (multiple GCDs connected)?
  20. Does the FSE have a grease control device?*
  21. Select all that Apply
  22. -------OR-------
  23. Is the FSE self cleaning? *

    *GCDs greater than 25gpm/50lbs are required to be cleaned by a certified commercial hauler.

  24. Cleaning frequency (select all that apply):
  25. Do you have another GCD? *
  26. Select all that apply:
  27. Check One:
  28. Please provide gallons per minute and grease capacity or total gallons.

  29. Is the FSE self cleaning?*

    *GCDs greater than 25gpm/50lbs are required to be cleaned by a certified commercial hauler.

  30. Cleaning frequency (select all that apply):
  31. Do you have another GCD?*
  32. Select all that apply:
  33. Check One:
  34. Please provide gallons per minute and grease capacity or total gallons.

  35. Is the FSE self cleaning?*

    *GCDs greater than 25gpm/50lbs are required to be cleaned by a certified commercial hauler.

  36. Cleaning frequency (select all that apply):
  37. Please inform cleaning company that at each cleaning/pump out, manifests can be directly emailed to the City of Norfolk FOG Office:

  38. Certification

    I hereby certify that I am the owner/authorized representative to make entries and that the information on this sheet is correct. Any falsification, misrepresentation, or misleading information VOIDS this registration form.

  39. Type name
  40. 6040 Waterworks Rd., Norfolk, VA 23502
    Call or Text: 757-620-2688 Fax: 757-441-5639 Email:
  41. Water and Sewer Main Break 24-HR Emergency (757) 823-1000
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