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Food Service Establishment (FSE) Grease Control Device (GCD) Registration Form

  1. GCD
  2. Remember to complete a separate form for each Grease Control Device (GCD) in your establishment.
  3. Enter the Food Service Establishment (FSE) Information
  4. HR FOG Best Management Practices (BMP) Certified*
  5. FSE Location*
  6. Food *
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  7. Enter Used Cooking Oil (Yellow Grease) Recycling Information
  8. Will the FSE be frying foods?*
  9. Enter the Grease Control Device (GCD) Information
    Grease Control Device (GCD) shall mean a device used to collect, contain, or remove food waste and grease from the wastewater while allowing the remaining wastewater to be discharged to the City/County/Town’s sanitary sewer system by gravity. Devices include: hydromechanical grease interceptors(HGI), automatic grease removal devices (AGRD), or gravity grease interceptors (GGI).
  10. Is there a GCD located inside or outside of the FSE?*
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  13. Certification
    I hereby certify that I am the owner/authorized representative to make entries and that the information on this sheet is correct. Any falsification, misrepresentation, or misleading information VOIDS this registration form.
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  15. 6040 Waterworks Rd., Norfolk, VA 23502
    Call or Text: 757-620-2688 Fax: 757-441-5639 Email:
  16. Water and Sewer Main Break 24-HR Emergency (757) 823-1000
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