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Parking Meters
On-Street Time Limit Parking
Metered spaces are intended for short-term parking. The purpose of the time limit is to ensure that parking spaces regularly become available for customers of area businesses and visitors. To manage on-street parking, meters have a 2-hour limit, with the exception of the meters in front of the Waterside Marketplace, which have a 15-minute limit.

Limit Posting
Time limits are clearly posted in all controlled parking areas. After you have parked in a time limit zone for the posted time you must move your vehicle to another location to avoid being cited. You must leave a parking space when the time limit posted on the meter has been reached. In order to encourage turnover of parking spaces for visitors 'meter-feeding' (depositing additional coins in the meter after the time limit has been reached) is not allowed.

Parking Enforcement personnel use tire chalking to determine the length of time a vehicle is parked in a space. It is illegal to remove a chalk mark from your vehicle's tire.

Additional long-term public parking is available at our parking garages and lots.
Hourly Rates
Metered Area General Location Hourly Rate
Tier 1 All streets west of St. Paul's Boulevard, City Hall Avenue and south, Waterside Drive and north, and all streets east of Boush Street including Boush Street $0.45 per 15 minutes
Tier 2 All streets west of St. Paul’s Boulevard, east of Duke Street, north of City Hall Avenue and north of Charlotte Street to Princess Anne Road to east of Llewellyn Avenue to west of Monticello Avenue $0.35 per 15 minutes
Education Lot/
ODU Village
Corner of St. Paul's Boulevard and City Hall Avenue
164 meters located on 41st, 43rd, 45th,46th, 47th Street and Monarch Way
$0.50 per 30 minutes