Program Highlights

The City of Norfolk is pleased to introduce a new Parking Discount Validation Ticket Program. This program is designed exclusively for business merchants.

Discount Validation Tickets

  • Replace the Discount Stamp Program
  • Work with our parking equipment
  • Are valid up to six months from the date of printing
  • Are not refundable when unused and/or expired
  • Can be processed by an attendant or automated parking equipment
  • Must be ordered in advance. Allow a minimum of one business day for order printing and processing. Order online
Validation DenominationsEquivalent Time Value
50% Cost to Merchant
All-Day Discount Validation $13.00Up to 24 hours$6.50 each
Discount Validation $2.00Up to 1 hour$1.00 each
Discount Validation $3.00Up to 2 hours$1.50 each
Discount Validation $5.00Up to 3 hours$2.50 each
Discount Validation $6.00Up to 4 hours$3.00 each

Your Cost 

Discount Validation Tickets are sold at 50% off the face value by the Parking Customer Service Center located at 222 E Main Street.