Rules & Regulations

These rules and regulations are designed for the protection of owners of interment rights as a group. They are not intended to be restraining, but rather to prevent the inconsiderate from taking unfair advantage of others. Their enforcement will help protect your cemetery and create and preserve its beauty. All owners of interment rights, visitors, and contractors shall be subject to said rules and regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by the City of Norfolk. Any changes, which may, from time to time, be made in these regulations, will be the result of an endeavor to better carry out the City's purpose of service to you.

General Regulations

In order that the entire cemetery may always present as neat and orderly an appearance as is possible the following regulations on flowers, ornaments and decorations is enforced.

  • Cut or artificial flowers may be used to decorate graves provided they are placed in permanently installed, approved type containers or placed upon the monument or marker in such a manner that they are off of the ground, and do not interfere with mowing.
  • Flowers, ornaments and decorations not in permanently installed, approved type containers are permitted from November 1st through February 28th and 7 days prior to and 7 days after both Easter and Memorial Day.
  • All Christmas and seasonal decorations will be removed and discarded on March 1st to include, but not be limited to: figurines, lawn flags, objects on easels, stands or poles, memorial stones/rocks, and containers that may deter normal mowing and trimming operations. Only those floral tributes appropriate to the specific season and in cemetery-approved container will remain.
  • Grave decorations of any description, other than as provided herein, will not be permitted and if placed will be removed and destroyed.
  • The cemetery management and their agents have authority to enter upon any interment space or spaces and to remove any objectionable thing or any structure that may have been placed there contrary to the regulations of this cemetery.
  • The cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to anything placed on interment spaces.
  • Burial of the body of any animal is prohibited in any cemetery owned or under supervision of the city.
  • Animals or fowl, including dogs and cats, of any kind are not permitted in the cemeteries unless there are kept on a leash. Please pick up pet waste in a bag, and dispose in garbage cans.
  • Visiting hours for the cemeteries are sunrise to sunset. Any unauthorized person found on the grounds after dark will be considered a trespasser and may be prosecuted by the law.
  • All persons are strictly forbidden to break or injure any tree or shrub, or mar any landmark, marker or memorial or in any way deface the grounds of the cemetery.
  • The planting of trees and shrubs must be authorized through the office. Unauthorized plantings may be removed.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call 441-2576