Disc Golf

Disc Golf is the newest sport offered by the Department of Parks & Recreation. It's free and fun for the entire family!


Local disc golf advocates Charles Barrie and Wes Landfear approached Parks & Recreation in the spring of 2018 to bring the sport to Norfolk. Several parks and open spaces were considered. Poplar Hall Park was identified as the best fit for the first course. Charles and Wes designed the layout of the course, identifying optimal locations for each basket and tee. Parks & Recreation staff managed the course installation, including course baskets, wooden tee boxes and signage. A second disc golf course was installed at Lafayette Park summer 2019.

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We have two 9 hole, par 3 courses. Although shorter in length than many other courses, the trees and water hazards give players an extra degree of difficulty.

Poplar Hall Park Course (PDF): 101 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23502

Lafayette Park Course (PDF): 3500 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23504

What You Need to Play

All you need to play are discs and a fun attitude. Advanced players tend to carry multiple discs for different lengths/angles, but beginners can get by with a driver or mid-range disc and a putter disc.

Disc Golf Rules

 1. Disc Golf is played like ball golf, except you use flying discs. Each throw is counted to determine a score. The winner is the player with the lowest score.

 2. Tee throws must be completed within or behind the designated tee area.

 3. After all players tee off, the next shot is played by the player whose disc is farthest from the target. This process continues until everyone completes the hole.

 4. After the tee shot, throws must be made with the leading foot on the spot where the previous throw landed (the lie).

 5. Except on putts, a run up and follow through are allowed. On putts (less than 10 yards from the target) you must not step past your lie until the disc comes to rest in the basket.

 6. If a throw lands out of bounds take a one throw penalty and play your next shot from the point where the disc was last in bounds. Water, streets, path, parking lot, etc. are out of bounds and marked with (OB) on tee signs.

 7. If a hole has a Mando (mandatory route) the disc must pass the correct side of the Mando before the hole is completed.

 8. A hole is complete when the disc comes to rest inside of the target basket or chains (not on top of the target)

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