Landlord Education

  1. Becoming Rent Ready
  2. Benefits of Being Rent Ready Certified
  3. Preparing For a Renter
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Common City Standards
  6. Helpful Resources

Why become a certified landlord?

One of the many benefits of being Rent Ready is Rent Ready Norfolk makes the process of being a landlord or property manager easier for you. You are provided a comprehensive source of information, services and resources related to renting and being a landlord or property manager in one location and have a team of individuals ready to assist you if you need it to navigate the process of renting out your unit(s) and preparing for your next renter. Being Rent Ready, you will become a more informed landlord or property manager, have access to free and quality services, have access to free and quality resources and have access to exclusive benefits of being Rent Ready.

Get Certified in Three Easy Steps

  1. Complete a Rent Ready Norfolk Landlord Enrollment Form - The completion of the Rent Ready Norfolk Landlord Enrollment Form will confirm your participation in Rent Ready Norfolk program and allow access to all of program incentives. 
  2. Complete an Initial Courtesy Quality Assessment - The completion of a quality assessment will involve the evaluation of the property's interior, exterior and common area, and the property receiving a score of 2 or higher on the evaluation.
  3. Complete the Rental Academy's Good Landlord Track - The completion of the Good Landlord Track can be completed by either Option 1 or Option 2 of the track. The option(s) consist of:
    • Option 1: This option will require you to complete four (4) Core courses and two (2) electives of your choice. 
    • Option 2: This option will require you to receive an 80% or higher on the Quality Landlord Test  and complete three (3) courses (1 core course & 2 elective courses) from the Good Landlord Track.

Once you have completed each step of the Rent Ready Norfolk process, your property will be designated as Rent Ready for a period of twelve (12) months, until it must be re-certified. For each property you want to be certified as Rent Ready during the period when one of your properties is designated as Rent Ready, each new property must complete a quality assessment and emergency notification application, if applicable, but you will not need to re-take the Good Landlord Track.

Annual Maintenance of Your Status

Annual maintenance of your Rent Ready Norfolk status for each of your properties will require the completion of the following steps:

  1. Completion of an Annual Quality Assessment
  2. Completion of the Good Landlord Continuing Education Training