Dog Foster Program Information

Medium and Large Dog Foster Program

The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center began the Medium & Large dog foster program in March 2019. Since its launch hundreds of at-risk dogs have found positive outcomes. This program directly supports adoption efforts by giving dogs the opportunity to showcase their true personalities in a home environment. This program aligns with NACC’s vision of securing positive outcomes for 100% of the healthy and treatable animals received each year. 


• Learn about dogs’ true personalities in a home environment to boost their adopt-ability

• Increase the adoption rate of medium and large dogs

• Give dogs a meaningful break from the shelter environment

• Create new community engagement opportunities


The majority of the dogs needing foster are between 1-8 years old and are typically Pitbull, Lab, Shepherd, or other medium/large breed mixes.

• Juveniles: Puppies under 6 months old that have not been spayed/neutered.

• Senior dogs: Dogs 7 years and/or older.

• Healthy, behaviorally normal adult dogs in times of shelter overcrowding.

• Healthy, behaviorally normal long term shelter residents.

• Confirmed pregnant female dogs/Nursing moms with their puppies.

• Animals requiring medical care or monitoring.

• Shut down/timid dogs that need a more relaxed environment.


Our Dog Foster Coordinator will work with shelter staff to determine which dogs are the most in need of foster care. When an application is submitted to foster, you will be added to the “NACC Dog Fosters” email chain. The foster coordinator will send out a weekly or bi-weekly list of dogs that will need foster homes. The list will include pictures and behavior notes about the dogs in need. When you see a dog that is a good match, you will respond to the email and set up a pickup time. Norfolk Animal Care Center will provide you with all the necessary supplies for fostering, support you throughout the entire process and will be available to address any questions or concerns.


Fostering saves lives! You have created space in the shelter to accommodate emergencies that come into the shelter. Foster dogs provide companionship and purpose- your act of kindness is repaid in rewards that are beyond words! Foster families collect behavior information, pictures, and other valuable information to help find a home for the dog.


Where to keep your foster dog? Planning where you will keep your foster dog before you bring it home will make the entire process easier for everyone! When you first bring your foster home, you want to familiarize your foster dog with certain areas. Make sure your foster dog knows where the crate & water are kept. When you first bring the dog home, walk them around the yard ON LEASH until they feel comfortable in their new surroundings.


NACC will provide all supplies needed for your foster, so be sure to ask shelter staff when you are picking up your foster dog if you need additional supplies.

• Food & Bowls.

• Crate.

• Bed. (if needed)

• Toys such as a Nylabone. 

• “Adopt Me” collar or Martingale Collar.

• Easy Walk Front Clip Harness. (If needed)

• 4 foot “Adopt Me” leash.

• Foster Dog ID Tag.

• Basic medical care (ex: vaccines, etc)


Please email our Foster Coordinator at for more information about NACC's foster programs. Be a part of their future success!  

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