Lambert's Point Plan

Former Lambert’s Point Golf Course Site

In 2018, the City of Norfolk and HRSD formalized the sale of a portion of the Lambert’s Point Golf Course, for expansion of the HRSD Wastewater Treatment Plant and the development of groundwater recharge project, SWIFT. At the end of 2022, the golf course closed and HRSD took possession of the property January 1, 2023.Lamberts Point_Current Ownership Map Opens in new window

The City still owns the portion of the property with the clubhouse, chipping tees and most of the driving range. As this is some of the last public waterfront property, there has been considerable interest from the public, organizations and institutions about the City’s use and future plans for the property.

The site has the specific challenge of being a solid waste landfill, which may limit certain types of development. The planned activities of surrounding landowners will be of interest, and will need to be considered in long term plans for the property. The City’s partner, VIA Design, will gather and document public and stakeholder feedback from at least one in-person meeting, and a follow-up online survey.

Lamberts Point Timeline from 1942 (constructed) to 2022 (golf course closes/35 acres to HRSD) Opens in new window

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Community Engagement Inquiries
  2. Limitations, Possibilities & Resilience
  3. Management, Maintenance & Background
  4. HRSD Inquiries
  5. Next Steps

Since this is still an early-stage conversation, what commitments can the City make to the rest of the process? How will the City keep this process open and transparent?

  • The City is committed to keeping the public updated about the process and involving the public when additional input is needed.

Will there be another public forum? 

  • No additional public forums are planned.

When the Lambert’s Point City Park steering committee hosts its public forum will the city of Norfolk join as a presenter? 

  • The City is willing to work with any and all community interest groups.

How are you engaging the Lambert’s Point community (beyond the survey and forum) to learn what residents want? 

  • The City is committed to engaging with all interested civic associations. This will be coordinated through Neighborhood Services.

Will you engage the Larchmont Edgewater Civic League directly through the civic league leadership as this effort moves forward?

  • Yes, Neighborhood Services will coordinate this.

What can the community at large do to ensure that the city prioritizes working on a budget to develop this space?

  • Please contact your City Council representatives.

How will the city keep citizens updated as the future of the Lambert’s Point project unfolds? 

  • The City’s website will be the primary source of updated information.