Senior Executive Team

Budget & Strategic Planning

Budget and Strategic Planning

Director: Gregory Patrick

Phone: 757-664-4283

City Planning

City Planning

Director: George Homewood

Phone: 757-664-4747

Community Services

Community Services Board

Executive Director: Sarah Paige Fuller 

Phone: 757-823-1600




Interim Director: Kelly Straub

Cultural Facilities, Arts & Entertainment

Cultural Facilities, Arts and Entertainment

Director: John Rhamstine 

Phone: 757-664-6464



Director: Jared Chalk 

Phone: 757-664-4338

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aleea Slappy Wilson 

Phone: 757-418-1655

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Director: Jim Redick 

Phone: 757-441-5600

Fire & Rescue

Fire - Rescue

Fire Chief: John DiBacco 

Phone: 757-664-6600



Director: Christine Garczynski 

Phone: 757-664-4346

General Services

General Services

Director: Nikki Riddick 

Phone: 757-664-4066

Human Resources

Human Resources

Director: Marva Smith 

Phone: 757-664-4481

Human Services

Human Services

Director:  Denise Gallop

Phone: 757-664-6000

Information Technology

Information Technology

Chief Information Officer: Fraser Picard

Intergovernmental Relations

Intergovernmental Relations

Jessica Dennis

Phone: 757-802-0649

Nauticus Maritime Center

Nauticus Maritime Center

Director: Stephen Kirkland 

Phone: 757-664-1000

Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Development

Director: Michelle Johnson 

Phone: 757-664-4080

Public Library

Norfolk Public Library

Director: Sonal Rastogi 

Phone: 757-664-7328

Office of Resilience

Office of Resilience

Chief Resilience Officer: Doug Beaver

Phone: 757-441-2602 ext. 251

Housing and Community Development

Office of St. Paul’s Transformation

Director: Susan L. Perry

Phone: 757-441-2602 ext.249



Police Chief: Larry Boone

Phone: 757-664-3277

Public Works

Public Works

Director: Richard Broad

Phone: 757-664-4614

Recreation, Parks, & Open Space

Recreation, Parks and Open Space

Director: Darrell Crittendon

Phone: 757-823-4291

Slover LIbrary

Slover Library

Executive Director: Lynn Clements

Phone: 757-431-7502



Director: Amy Inman

Phone: 757-664-7300



Acting Director: Robert Carteris

Phone: 757-664-6701

Veterans Services and Military Affairs

Veteran’s Services and Military Affairs

Military Affairs Liaison: Len Remias

Phone: 757-441-2602

Virginia Zoo

Virginia Zoo

Director: Greg Bockheim 

Phone: 757-441-2374