Fire / Explosive Investigation Unit

Investigation of Fires & Explosions

The Fire / Explosives Investigation Unit of Norfolk Fire-Rescue is responsible for determining the origin and cause of fire and explosions that occur within the City of Norfolk. The fire investigator and those assistants appointed, assigned, or designated shall have the same police powers as a sheriff, police office, or law enforcement officer.

In addition to general police powers, the investigation and prosecution of all offenses involving hazardous materials, fires, fire bombings, bombings, attempts or threats to commit such offenses, false alarms relating to such offenses, possession and manufacture of explosive devices, substances and firebombs shall the responsibility of the fire marshal or his designee.

Effects of Arson

Each year arsonists destroy more than a billion dollars worth of property resulting in the death of more than 350 civilians and injuring another 1,300 annually. At least three firefighters are killed at arson fires with another 6,000 firefighters injured. Intentionally set fires account for 13% of fires responded to by fire departments across the nation.

In 2010, investigators conducted 255 investigations and of those 78 were determined to be intentionally set fires. Many of these intentionally set fires go unsolved and we ask that you contact us with any information that could assist us in bringing those responsible to justice.

When contacting us please call 757-664-6604 and ask to speak to an arson investigator; or you can call Crime Line.

Crime Line

Call the Crime Line at 800-562-5887. Callers to Crime Line could receive a reward of up to $1,000 if their tip leads to an arrest. But tipsters can receive that reward without ever leaving a name and callers never have to testify in court.