Home Occupations

A home occupation shall be permitted in any zoning district as an accessory use to any permitted dwelling unit in accordance with following standards:

  • The home occupation shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes and shall not occupy more than 25% of the floor area of the dwelling unit. There shall be no sign, exterior display or outside storage of materials or equipment, and no exterior indication of the home occupation or other variation from the residential character of the building.
  • No person who is not a member of the family residing within the dwelling unit shall be employed by or engaged in the home occupation.
  • The home occupation shall not involve the receipt or delivery of merchandise, goods, or equipment other than by U. S Mail, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or similar carriers that typically deliver packages to residences. No traffic shall be generated in greater volumes than would normally be expected in the neighborhood.
  • There shall be no on-site sales to the general public of products or merchandise.
  • No perceptible noise, odor, smoke, electrical interference, or vibration shall emanate from the structure in which the home occupation is conducted.
  • Additional parking may be required.


Zoning Ordinance Number 4.3.3.E:(1)(j) of the City of Norfolk specifically excludes the following as home occupations:

  • Auto repair operations
  • Barbershops
  • Beauty parlors
  • Contractors / subcontractors storage yards
  • Convalescent or nursing home
  • Massage parlor
  • Radio or television shops