What the City is Doing

Mitigating Flooding Throughout the City

The City of Norfolk has been working actively to mitigate flooding city-wide. Below are a few of the ways we are working to reduce flooding city-wide.

  • Citizen input and conversations: Norfolk has a citizen interest group to improve communications, education and to exchange ideas
  • City-wide Coastal Flood Study: This project will identify potential mitigation techniques watershed by watershed throughout the entire city
  • Executive committee within the city to set strategic goals on city-wide flooding outreach and partnerships continue for residents, businesses and the region
  • General construction and planning improvements city-wide using low impact development
  • Regional partnerships and conversations: Norfolk is working with regional, state, and federal partners in order to address Hampton Roads flooding concerns
  • Stormwater flooding projects are added yearly to the CIP program
  • Stormwater solutions such as rain gardens and wetland mitigation, which allows water to slow down, soak in, and spread out while improving stormwater runoff quality thereby improving our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay
  • Stormwater system upgrades to a 10-year storm capacity. All new infrastructure and new construction are required to meet this standard

Check out Norfolk’s Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan Annual Report for specific projects the City has completed in 2020.