Consumer Relations Office


The Consumer Relations Office ensures that individuals who receive services, as well as their family members, have a voice in all aspects of services, programs, and treatment.

Consumer Relations primarily functions to assure the protection of the individuals served from any form of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or discrimination during their receipt of Norfolk CSB services. Thus, the Consumer Relations office proactively works to educate individuals and staff about individual’s rights; to investigate complaints; and to prevent or correct any alleged rights violations by mediating, negotiating, advising, and consulting with the applicable individuals.

In addition, Consumer Relations promotes the rights and responsibilities of individuals to:

  1. full and meaningful participation in decisions affecting all components of their services and treatment, and
  2. be heard, respected, and included at all levels of decision making about the Norfolk CSB’s design, development, strategic plans and continuous quality improvement of services and treatment.

Services Provided

The services of the Norfolk CSB Consumer Relations office include:

  • Assisting individuals in connecting to appropriate services
  • Protecting the human rights of individuals receiving services
  • Seeking individuals’ feedback on the services received for the purpose of continuous quality improvement
  • Directing individuals and their family members to education, training, and support services
  • Providing technical assistance on human rights and advocacy related matters to others within the agency and community
  • Assisting family members who want to protect the financial future of loved ones with a mental health disorder and/or intellectual disability (as liaison to the Norfolk Community Trust)

Contact Us

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about our services or have any complaints of human rights violations or need to talk to someone about consumer advocacy issues, please call:


7447 Central Business Park Drive
Norfolk, VA  23513