Mental Health Initiative Funded Services


CSB Program staff provides oversight and management of Mental Health Initiative (<abbr>MHI</abbr>) funds to help families access community mental health services for their children.

ca_mhifMHI funds are available to eligible youth with serious emotional disturbance and related conditions, and who are not mandated for services under the Comprehensive Services Act (CSA). Services must be child-centered, family-focused and community-based. The participation of families is integral in the planning and implementation of these services.

Our goal is to ensure that all eligible youth receive appropriate and quality mental health support and services to stabilize and maintain them within the community.

Services Provided

Services are provided by contracted providers, and include:

  • Identification of availability of community resources/supports and assistance with access to those services
  • Linking with (as appropriate): Therapist for individual, group, family counseling, Psychiatrist/Medication management, Mentoring, In Home, Daycare, Social Services, Therapeutic Recreation
  • Development of individualized services plans (as appropriate)
  • Monitoring of progress towards treatment goals
  • Monitoring of services to ensure provision of quality care appropriate to treatment needs via outside agencies/resources

Contact Us

Children, Teens and Young Adults (Ages 5-17)

Phone: 757-823-1630

Robinhood Road Office
5505 Robin Hood Rd., Suite C-1
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