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Norfolk Fire Marshall's patch
Fire Inspections & Permits
Commercial Establishment Inspection Fee
A fee of $50 shall be paid to the City of Norfolk for the following inspections:
  • Initial inspection Fee of a commercial establishment conducted to determine compliance with the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, as amended. The fire official may waive inspection fees if he or she determines that the inspection will be limited in scope. Such waiver shall not apply to any other fees assessed for inspections under this Code or Zoning ordinance.
    • Note: This fee will include one follow-up inspection (if necessary).
  • Commercial Establishment Re-inspection Fee for each subsequent inspection that is required to address violations after the initial follow-up inspection.

Note: For purposes of this section, "commercial establishment" shall mean an establishment which is not used entirely for residential purposes.

Operational Permits
An operational permit is required for operations that create byproducts that impact the environment or could be hazardous to the public if proper handling, storage, or safe operational standards are not followed. Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, a fee of $50 shall be paid to the city for each fire permit obtained pursuant to the fire prevention code.

Permits shall be valid for one year unless the permit is for a specific event, such as a fireworks display or bonfire, in which case such permit shall expire upon the conclusion of the event for which the permit was issued. Reinstatement of a permit after revocation of that permit shall require payment of a fee of $50.

Helpful Resources

The total of permit fees shall not exceed $350 regardless of the number of permits required and may include some Special Provisions.

Operations or Occupancy Permits
These operations or occupancies require a Fire Code Permit. All permits are $50 unless otherwise noted.