Callers with Special Needs

Deaf / Hard of Hearing In Need of Assistance

When someone who is deaf/hard of hearing calls into our center through TTY, whether it be through 911 or through a direct line, our new high-tech phone system is equipped with TTY and prompts our Telecommunicators of incoming TTY calls.

You can help us help you by telling the call taker:

  • The location where help is needed.
  • What is needed and provide your name, phone number.
  • If it is safe, stay on the telephone to answer the call taker's questions.

We also take calls through the "Virginia Relay" Services. We are unable to take text messaging through our 911 system at this time.

Families with Special Needs

The Computer Aided Dispatch system utilized by the Telecommunicators to dispatch calls for service has the capability to store information specific to an address. This provides information that may be disseminated in accordance to HIPPA to the responding units either via the radio or across the mobile data computers. This information may include special needs, such as medical necessities.