Opioid Treatment Program


The Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) operates to reduce the physical, psychological and social problems associated with dependence on narcotics and other drugs of abuse. An sa_otpimmediate goal of the Opioid Treatment Program is to assist patients in becoming free of addiction to legal and illicit opioid or other drugs, and to stabilize on approved opioid medications. With this immediate goal accomplished, patients can immediately address other medical issues and work towards eliminating high-risk behaviors that may lead to the infection of HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, and other sexually-transmitted diseases. The long-range treatment goal, for a person admitted to OTP, is for the patient to establish sustained recovery with or without the use of opioid treatment.

Making Lives Whole Again

An estimated one million Americans are addicted to heroin and prescription opiates. For most people who use these drugs, physiological addiction comes as a surprise. Initially, withdrawal symptoms are immediately relieved by taking more of the drug. This cycle escalates, however, until the drug dominates the person's life. The user dedicates more and more time, money and energy to the disease until, finally, each day is totally dominated by buying and using drugs.

Why We Care About This

We care because untreated addiction costs Norfolk residents millions of dollars each year in lost earnings as well as in costs associated with law enforcement, health care, justice, and welfare—not to mention the toll on human lives.

The good news is that we here at the Norfolk CSB's Opioid Treatment Program can help. We offer a comprehensive treatment approach which includes medical and psychiatric evaluation, use of appropriate medications such as Methadone, evaluation of co-occurring disorders such as depression, counseling, and many other types of interventions.

Why use Methadone

Some individuals cannot remain drug free even after sincere and repeated attempts at recovery. Such individuals may be treated with Methadone or other medications called narcotic agonists. These medications block withdrawal symptoms, reduce opiate craving, and stop the effects of heroin should the person in treatment use illicit drugs. Methadone is the most extensively researched and frequently administered medication for the treatment of opiate addiction. It is also one of the most successful.

Our Staff of Professionals

The Opioid Treatment Program is staffed by professionals with medical, clinical, and administrative expertise. Patients receive individually prescribed medication from a licensed medical practitioner and routinely meet with a primary counselor and attend clinic groups. Drug screens are used as a clinical tool to modify treatment approaches and interventions. Patients and their families receive education about substance addiction.

What Else You Should Know

  • Help is Available!
  • Recovery is Possible!
  • Treatment Works!

If you or someone you love is using heroin or prescription opiates, it is a serious problem. It is important to seek help from professionals specializing in the care and treatment of those who use opiates. Many elements are involved in substance addiction and in addiction recovery. The lack of success in previous attempts at recovery is not a barrier to success today.

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