School Programs

School Class Holding Books "I Can Save the Ocean"

*In-person school programs are currently unavailable. 
Please check with us for virtual opportunities. 

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Fred the Fish

Follow Fred the Fish as he makes his journey from the mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. This engaging story gives students a visual understanding of stormwater runoff and the consequences when it is polluted from running through urban areas. 

As nutrients and toxic substances from streets, parking lots and lawns are washed into the storm drains, which is never treated, and then into the water where Fred must swim, children are able to make the connection between the everyday actions of humans and the effect it has on our waterways and the aquatic life that lives there.

Program length is approximately 30 minutes.

2nd & 3rd Grade

The Magic of Water

Students discover the magic of water through our exploration of the water cycle. We will reinforce the stages of the water cycle while using liquid nitrogen to create a cloud the students can touch and perform a hands-on precipitation experiment (rain in a jar). Through the process we will also discuss runoff and the effect humans have on our water quality.

Program length is approximately 40 minutes.

4th & 5th Grade

We All Live Downstream: Understanding Watersheds

What is a watershed? Why is it important? During this program, students are introduced to watersheds through the hands-on demonstration of our Enviroscape. It provides students a visual connection between land use and water quality. They can see the impact of pollution on their natural waterways and learn how to prevent it.

5th & 6th Grade

We All Live Downstream: Human Connections

This program is a continuation of the watershed presentation, during which watersheds are reviewed but the focus is shifted to discuss the connection between human actions and the health of our watershed. 

Students are asked first to experience the effect of pollution on our natural waterways. Then they are directed in a discussion on how people can make a difference and reverse or stop the damage. "Best Management practices" are put into place and tested on the Enviroscape to see if we can reduce or eliminate the pollution before it enters our watershed.


All programs are correlated to Virginia SOLs and are free to Norfolk Schools.

Teacher Resources

Do you know where the water goes when it rains in Hampton Roads? Or the name of the watershed in which you reside? Green Learning is a free educational guide designed to teach about these important concepts and more.

3rd Grade Learning Guide (PDF) | Teacher’s Guide (PDF)

6th Grade Learning Guide (PDF) | Teacher’s Guide

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Poster (PDF)

Restoring Norfolk’s Waterways