Scoop the Poop

Nice pit-mix dog laying in the grassWhy Should I Scoop the Poop?

Pet waste is a leading source of both nutrient and bacteria pollution to our streams and waterways.

When it rains, pet waste is washed into storm drains and carried directly to local waterways as water from the storm drain is never treated. This pollution transforms the water into a cloudy, green, foul-smelling mess that lacks oxygen. End result - aquatic dead zones, beach closures, fishing restrictions and restriction on eating local seafood.

Not picking up and disposing of pet waste can also expose our families to disease when they swim in a local waterway or play in the yard.

Did You Know?

  • The average dog creates about 274 pounds of poop per year.
  • A single gram of dog waste contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria.
  • Dog feces cannot be used as fertilizer.

Please do your part and Scoop the Poop - even if it is in your own backyard!

Pet Waste Station Grant - adopt one for your neighborhood today!

Pet Waste StationIn conjunction with askHRgreen, Storm Water is offering free Pet Waste Stations to neighborhood Homeowner's Association (HOA's), community associations, apartment complexes or individual residents living on heavily traveled dog walking paths.

Pet Waste Stations must be adopted by a business or individual who agrees to install and maintain the station, which includes keeping the bags stocked and emptying the trash on a regular basis. Stations must be placed on said individual's private property. They cannot be placed on City property.

Installing a pet waste station is just one way your community can help keep our local waterways clean!


Apply for a Pet Waste Station