2021 Re-Entry Town Hall

In an effort to increase awareness of community resources, the Norfolk Re-Entry Council produced video recordings for it's 2021 annual Town Hall Meeting.  The topics and FAQ's selected were obtained using feedback received by inmates at Norfolk City Jail and Indian Creek Correctional Center.  

2021 Town Hall Meeting Presentation Recordings

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) - This presentation provides an overview of SNAP benefits and eligibility. 

SNAP https://youtu.be/d-s6-yhuLDY (recorded May 2021)

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) - This presentation provides an overview of TANF benefits, eligibility and services available to VIEW participants. 

TANF https://youtu.be/rPj0nNcMNSs (recorded May 2021)

Medicaid - This presentation provides an overview of Medicaid benefits, eligibility, services covered and FAQ's by people incarcerated.

Medicaid https://youtu.be/VNanR5idfAo (recorded June 2021)


VADOC Procedures for Medicaid - This presentation provides a general overview of Medicaid, the VA Department of Corrections procedures for applying for Medicaid benefits for inmates at VADOC facilities and FAQ's by people incarcerated .  

VADOC & MEDICAID https://youtu.be/9JDmmJvVfg0 (recorded May 2021)

Medicaid ARTS (Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services) Benefits - This presentation provides an overview of the ARTS benefit, eligibility, covered services and FAQ's by people incarcerated. 

ARTS https://youtu.be/zXILAEa2yK4 (recorded June 2021)

VDSS Benefits Information 

If you are interested in applying for VDSS benefits please visit https://commonhelp.virginia.gov/ or call 1-855-635-4370.  You may also contact your local Department of Social Services/Human Services for information on how to apply in-person.  

*These recordings are intended for informational purposes and should not be viewed as definitive.  Please visit the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) website https://www.dss.virginia.gov/ for the most current and accurate information.

**If you are a correctional center (jail, prison, detention center, etc.) in Virginia and have interest in sharing this information by DVD, please contact Madonna Flores at madonna.flores@norfolk.gov or Kathy Hall at kathryn.hall@vadoc.virginia.gov.