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Become a Lake Star Home & Help Protect Our Drinking Water

Joining is free and easy for all residents in the watershed. Choose at least five environmentally-friendly action items, and you will receive a yard flag, a welcome packet and opportunities to start making a difference today.

The City of Norfolk's drinking water comes from eight man-made reservoirs located in the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Isle of Wight County. The Department of Utilities manages these reservoirs and the surrounding property in order to protect water quality and ensure the availability of safe drinking water for all residents. However, we need your help to protect them.

Do You Live in the Watershed?

If you live in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, locate your house on the map (PDF). If you are within the green watershed area, you are eligible to become a Lake Star Home.

goodtodo-yougraphics.jpgThe Lake Star Home action steps are designed to improve your home, community and the waterways. It's a win-win for everyone!

Action categories include: Grow Green, Protect Our Reservoirs, Only Rain Down The Drain, Water Activities and Get Involved! Signing up is simple. Fill out the Lake Star Home pledge card, customize your five steps to fit your lifestyle, receive your yard flag, and get started making a difference right at home.

Soil Testing

Excess fertilizer can harm Norfolk's waterways by adding nutrients that can be harmful to water quality. Fertilizer contains pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus that can cause algal blooms in our waterways.

goodtodo-yougraphics.jpgIn conjunction with Norfolk's Bay Star Home program, we offer free soil test kits and testing. To qualify for the free soil testing, you must be a Norfolk resident and also be a Bay Star Home participant. See the Bay Star Home page for more information. Soil testing is the best way to determine the fertilizer needs of your lawn.

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