Watershed Protection

Protect Our Water Resources

The protection of our water resources, including our drinking water reservoirs, is directly related to how we manage and protect the land around them. The water in the reservoirs comes from direct rainfall, but it also comes from the water that falls in the drainage area or watershed. This water flows across streets and driveways, off of rooftops, across manicured lawns, through gardens and may finally enter the reservoir or lake through a storm pipe or ditch.

As the water travels across all of these areas it picks up pollutants - fertilizers, oil, gasoline, soda cans, paper cups, pet waste. Each of these pollutants can have a negative impact on the water, from something as simple as floating litter to more complicated issues that affect wildlife and water quality. Learn more about managing your shoreline (PDF).

Water Quality in Reservoirs

To ensure the quality of the reservoirs and all of the benefits they provide, we must be aware of our actions and how they affect the watershed and the reservoir, lake, stream and even the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.

For some great videos on protecting the regional water resources, go to HRGreen, sponsored by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. You can also find great information at Keep Norfolk Beautiful.