Shoreline Protection

Shoreline Protection & Encroachments

The City of Norfolk owns property around each of the reservoirs and we ask that you not place anything along the shoreline or in the reservoir. Items such as grass, leaves and tree limbs don’t protect the shoreline, they add nutrients to the water, contributing to algae growth and potential taste and odor problems with the drinking water. This also creates habitat for muskrats that may burrow under your yard causing other problems. For more information on protecting the watershed while maintaining your lawn, check out the Watershed Protection page.

Natural shorelines are the best choice for the reservoir and the watershed. For more information on what you can do, check out this page for natural lakeshore tips.

Shoreline Protection Permits

Permits are not transferable and it is the property owners responsibility to disclose the permit requirements to all potential buyers of the property. Additionally, a new permit will need to be obtained for anything other than routine maintenance on a permitted structure.

Permits are required for any structure on City of Norfolk Property. This includes riprap, bulkhead, pier, deck, fence or similar structures.

Download the Shoreline Protection Permit Application Package (PDF) 

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