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Walking in Norfolk

Walking is an essential part of all journeys. Everyone is a pedestrian at some point. Motorists turn into pedestrians when they park their cars, and people who take public transportation generally walk some distance at one or both ends of their trips.

We're committed to building a well-connected network for pedestrians to make walking an easier and more convenient method of getting around. To support and encourage walking, we're enhancing pedestrian infrastructure through:

  • Installation of new ADA compliant ramps citywide
  • Installation of new high-visibility crosswalks
  • Installation of more pedestrian accommodations & pedestrian countdown signals
  • Construction of new sidewalks & improvements to existing sidewalks to complete gaps in the network

These are just a few initiatives that are making Norfolk a safe place for pedestrians!

Norfolk's Sidewalk Network

Information coming soon

Safety Tips

For a complete safety overview, view a copy of shareVAroads (PDF), Virginia's law and safety tips for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Visit our Vision Zero webpage for more information about the program, and click on the safety cards below for tips on how to be safe on our streets!

                                       Download the Pedestrian Card            Download the Driver Card

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Reporting an Incident

Witnessed a pedestrian-involved accident?

  • Call 911 immediately and follow the dispatcher's directions
  • Stay with them until help arrives, if possible

Report any other emergencies requiring immediate attention by calling 911.

October is National Pedestrian Safety Month

We're proud to partner with Norfolk Public Schools and the Norfolk Bicycling and Pedestrian Trails Commission each year to celebrate the benefits of walking, provide educational resources, and encourage more walking by all residents. Be sure to check back in 2023 for Pedestrian Safety Month events.

Pedestrian Signs & Road Markings

There are several projects underway to improve facilities for pedestrians, including sidewalk improvements and the installation of new crosswalks. These improvements include road markings, signs and signals to make it safer for those who are walking, cycling, and driving to share our streets. Read information on the various pedestrian signs and signals you may encounter in Norfolk.

Pedestrian Resources